Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why no solo's for Momo & Miya?

Here's a solo from my fav H!P & Berryz member.........

*Sighs* I wish Momoko(or Miyabi or maybe even Yurina) would get another solo like this in a Berryz Koubou concert..... But I know it's probably never gonna happen, Because for some reason the only person who seems to be able to get a solo in a concert or album is Risako(I don't have any problem's with Risako getting solo's in Berryz's concert's and albums, But it does sometimes annoy me a little)? And the fact that Risako is the only one from Berryz receiving solo's in album's AND concerts make's me wonder why Momoko and especially Miyabi don't get solo's. I mean I know that only usually the "most popular" members get solo's but then that still doesn't explain to me why Momoko and Miyabi don't get solo's in album's and concerts, Because I know they're popular enough(they along with Risako have ALWAYS been the lead singers for Berryz & they also get the most solo lines & screentime in pv's and are ALWAYS at the top of berryz koubou in the mixi ranking's & store sales ranking's). And Momoko even sometimes outsells Risako(in the store sales ranking's) and ranks the highest from Berryz in the Mixi ranking's.
C-ute's 2 lead singers(Airi and Maimi), both get solo's in concerts & album's(it isn't just one lead getting solo's). So why can't the other 2 lead singers from Berryz(Momo and Miya) get solo's along with Risako as well? Are they're voice's too nasally(Most if not all of H!P members have nasally voice's)? Or do they not show enough emotion when singing or something(Momo shows a lot of emotion when she is singing, and Miya does to sometimes so this definately couldn't be the reason why)?

I mean really! Why do those 2 not get solo's in concerts anymore(they're last solo's in a concert was back in 2007, 2 years ago....) and why have they NEVER recieved a solo in an album?

(Lol. During the whole time I was writing this post I was listening to Chisa's solo version of "Suna wo Kuma yoni..... NAMIDA", It's so relaxing!)


  1. Oh yeah, no solos for them makes sense from my point of view. I'd cut my ears off if I were to hear a solo by Squeak!

    But seriously, most people would like to hear solos by their favorite member. However, what I would like to see are solos by all members. No matter if they'd all sing the same song, or different ones. Sure it would show quite clearly that some can't sing, but then UFA doesn't care about it (see: Michishige's solo "singing" at P9D). Since they're already wasting money on the so-called solo version MVs ("I am standing there for three minutes doing nothing but staring at the camera waiting to sing my one line") videos, giving all of them solos would undoubtedly be a good decision.

  2. lol, Why am I not surprised that you'd say that!

    I agree giving everyone a solo would be a good decision(However I do hope you know that is NEVER gonna happen! So don't get your hopes up), even though that would show that certain members can't sing when compared to other members(most if not all of my favorite members happen to be stable singers so I'm not to worried about that, lol).

    And lol, I sorta liked Sayumi's solo in MM's concert(It's true She was off somewhat but I think she's improved compared to the way she used to sing when she was younger. And no she's not my fav MM member or anything like that, I actually barely pay any attention to her).

    And lol, Don't worry I can take an opinion.

  3. I guess this rant helped, They have solo's now..
    Miyabi & Momoko have a solo in Rock'n Buono 2 concert.