Saturday, February 13, 2010

Berryz Koubou - 2009 Aki ~Medachitai!!~ Concert Review

I'm just gonna do a small review on some(not all!) of the performances from Berryz Koubou's 2009 Aki ~Medachitai Concert tour!!

Momoko Tsugunaga - VERY BEAUTY:

As a Momo fan...
I am very very happy to see Momo get a solo in this concert, especially since the solo is VERY BEAUTY(A really hard song to sing!!)!! :) Sure VERY BEAUTY may not have been the best song for her voice(It probably would have suited Miyabi Natsuyaki's voice better!), but I'm happy that Tsunku(or whoever the hell let her sing this song solo) let her sing this! ^^

Momoko's voice is somewhat shaky at some parts, and she sings this with a high pitched voice(unlike in her Jiriri Kiteru solo), but overall this is a good performance!! I couldn't be more proud of her than I already am!! : ) I feel like a proud mother!!! XD

Maasa, Miyabi, Chinami - Kokuhaki no Funsui Hirobi:

Chinami's vocals have improved, she put a more serious tone into her singing and she does the facial expressions well! <3
Maasa got main vocals(in other words Risako's parts!! xD)! I noticed she had some problems with her parts(she was rather out of tune at 1:41 to 1:57), but she seems so into the song til... I don't care!! XD She was really trying, and I like that! ^^
Miyabi's voice is so beautiful!! <3 She sounds pretty good as usual! ^^

Berryz Koubou - Dschinghis Khan (Beatboxing Ver.):

The beatboxing was AWESOME!!! XD
Risako was obviously leading this performance(it sounds like a Risako solo to me!! xD)!!
I couldn't help but notice that Rii was having a bit of problems with her parts(I'm sure you all noticed this! XD). I think this song is a bit too.... high for Risako? She always tends to sing songs better when she singing with a lower pitch! But even though Risako had some problems, I still think she did a pretty decent job! I think she had a lot of "power" in her singing! ^^

Chinami Tokunaga - Ohiru no Kyukei Jikan:

I'm surprised Chii actually got a solo to sing in a concert!!
I never thought it'd ever happen! lol xD

Chinami's singing was... CUTE, but lol... Perhaps she should just stick to doing duet's with Kumai-chan(I'm sorry, please don't bash me!!)? XD
While it was nice to see Chii solo... This solo performance kinda convices me more and more that she really is the weakest vocally in Berryz... *hides*
But.. at least she looked cute, which is a plus for me!! xD <3

I'll probably review more of the performances tomorrow!!
And feel free to express your opinions on the performances I've mentioned above in the comment area!!!!


  1. i understand why Maasa was a little out of tune, they had just finished Seishun Bus Guide otherwise i think Tsunku needs to give her either a solo song or a duet in this new album and in the next tour, she really deserves one

  2. This concert is pure love *sob* I'm so happy for my Berryz *^*

  3. @ Kira,
    Haha! I also think Maasa deserves a solo or duet in the next album but chances are... that won't happen! XD But... let's at least hope Captain get's another duet!! ^^

    Im happy for them as well! This concert was quite different from their other concerts!! : )