Monday, February 1, 2010

Risako VS Miyabi VS Chinami

Who do you think in YOUR OPINION sang the "Sore ga onna yo" line the best? Miyabi, Risako, or Chinami?

In my opinion, I think Risako did!! ^^
1. Risako - Perfect
2. Miyabi - Has short break in the middle
3. Chinami - Scratchy a bit at the beginning


  1. I say:
    1. No problems, although many would not describe it as the most delightful voice.
    2. Scratchy indeed, more high pitched, and kinda childish voice. I don't like it.
    3. Good voice, the break isn't that noticeable..

    Sent this to Alienator as well, and the reply was: "I would say that the first one, the third one is good too, the second one is definitely the worst of them". LOL

  2. You know, for once, I don't think I liked any of those 0.o ...

  3. i thought miyabi was the best then risako and then chinami

  4. @ Kishiko
    LOL. The 2nd one is Chinami though... xD Well.. She's never been one of Berryz Koubou's best singers anyways! :p

    @ C'est la Vie
    Hahaha!! And the Miyabi fangirl says this!! :p I like them all! ^^

    @ Kylon
    I think Risako is best then Miyabi, and last Chinami!! ^^

  5. i really can't believe i'm saying this


    i'm not gonna repeat that

  6. Miya is much better than rii and chii.Her voice is much high than them.

  7. You're asking a difficult question...(sweat drops)
    Very Beauty is a hard song to sing.
    They all did a good job but,
    Chii's definitely not the best though.

    It's either Miya or Rii-chan...
    If I had to choose, I'd say Rii-chan.
    They both did a good job but Rii-chan chose a harder way to sing the part.

    Well, Miya's break actually suits the part very nicely...
    There's no way she purposely put a break there but putting that aside, it really does fit in.
    Maybe Miya...?
    (Make up your mind already!!!!!)
    Um, OK, fine, let's go with Rii-chan. XD

  8. First VERY BEAUTY live performance, not the best but still good.

    I say... Risako, then Miyabi, then Chinami!

  9. Risako is best at this. ^~^

    Then Miyabi and then Chinami. :)

  10. first:
    miyabi-the break isn't that noticable and she has a great voice than those two..
    risako-perfect in melody but not in voice.her voice is unpleasant.
    childish voice..cute but easy to break..

    that's my opinion