Saturday, February 20, 2010

C-ute - Shigatsu Sengen FULL PV

So here we finally get the full PV for C-ute's Shigatsu Sengen!!


I don't really have a problem with the song.. I think overall.. The song is OK. It's not the most amazing song ever, but it ain't horrible, it's just not really upbeat is all(most people just don't like the song because it's not upbeat!), but I do have a problem with the setting of the PV.. I don't like it.. It looks like they filmed it in Tsunku's basement or something. XD UFA could have done A LOT better than that! But other than that, I guess I think it's alright! And I also think the girls ALL look GORGEOUS in their close up's! Their smile's look rather genuine! ^_^ They make me feel a bit better about the horrible setting of the PV.


  1. Well, you know what they say about Album PV's: They're the cheapest! XD It's pretty good though ^-^

  2. ^
    Yeah.. I know but... I for some reason was expecting better than this.. It feels like UFA didn't even try this time.. And yeah... It's alright.. The girls look GREAT so that makes me feel better about the pv, I guess.....

  3. I quite like the song. They can't all be fast-paced or things would get repetitive. As for the pv...well they could have at least decorated beforehand. It looks like the kind of setting even Kago Ai would think twice before being photographed in. The members do look good though. I'm liking Maimi's hair now. It reminds me of Nacchi. Oh and Nacky and Chisato have both become more and more beautiful over the past year.

  4. ^
    I agree!
    Nakky & Chisato have become more beautiful over the past year!
    I'm still not really liking Yajima with short hair.. I miss her long hair! : (
    The PV looks like it was filmed in a basement!! I wonder if Tsunku forced them to film in that location or did they do it willingly? Hmmm...

  5. they're getting paid to sing, dance and look pretty, they have to film where ever the management tell them to film.

    i like the song but the pv stinks.