Friday, September 3, 2010

Poll Results

Last month I did on poll on who the best H!P Kids dancer was and here are the results:

Saki Shimizu = 16 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga = 14 Votes
Saki Nakajima = 10 Votes
Mai Hagiwara = 4 Votes
Maimi Yajima = 3 Votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki = 0 Votes

It's no surprise to see Captain win (I was expecting her to...), but some of the results below her are quite interesting (for me at least).

Coming in 2nd place with 14 votes is Momoko... *sighs* While I am happy for Momo-chan... I kinda think Nakky should have came in 2nd, her dancing is better than Momo's (though Momo's dancing is more energetic than Nakky's! xD), but still job well done for Momo-chan (good job Momo fans! xD)

3rd place is Nakky... Like I said before.. I think Nakky should have been 2nd (and Momo-chan 3rd), Nakky's dancing is better than Momo's. :P

4th place is Mai & 5th place is Maimi, I'm actually quite surprised with this... I thought Maimi would definitely place above Mai not the other way around.. XD

And last place is..... Miyabi-san.... Miyabeam got 0 votes...
So, it seems no one voted for her?? ......... This was the most surprising thing for me actually.... I've always heard other fans (particularly Miyabi fans actually! xD) talk about how good of a dancer she is... Some even said she was a better dancer than Momo-chan (who was quite close to winning this poll btw)... So, I guess I was sorta expecting her to do really well in this... But the result is kinda bad... :O
Hmmm... lol, I guess it was too hard to choose for some people! xD

Not sure yet what the next poll will be on... I'm thinking... XD

I know what my next poll will be on.. It's gonna be similar to Miya Vs Momo poll.. :P


  1. o_O SAKI WON . . . SHOCKER ! *Sarcastic look* But seriously , next time don't put Nakky, Captain or Maimi in a dance poll they will get all the votes XD

  2. ^
    LOL. Maimi didn't even get that many votes though... She actually got a few compared to Captain, Momoko, & Nakky... (Maimi placed below Mai-chan!! XDDDD).. Maimi would be another person who surprised me (in a not so good way :P) on this poll... (I really thought she would get more votes than that) But at least she didn't get 0 votes... like someone... -___-

    I'm curious now though.. Just who is reading my blog? XD

  3. I love Miya's dancing, I think its better than Momo's (Momo dances energetic/happy, Miya elegant/sexy. Its a matter of preference, if you ask me)
    But if it comes down to the BEST dancer, my vote will always go to Captain. It's not a poll about choosing your favorite, right?

  4. ^
    Yes, it is a matter of preference (and being biased in some cases too with some fans.. :P)
    Momo & Miya's dancing style is different from each other.. Sometimes I prefer Miya's dancing & than sometimes Momo's (Like in Take It easy, I preferred Miya's because it suited the melody more, but in Bravox2 & Our Songs, I was all for Momo-ness! xDD)

    "It's not a poll about choosing your favorite, right?"

    Right, it is not a poll about choosing your favorite... It never was.... But there will always be fans who will choose their favorite.... There always will be. XD

    (I still don't like the fact that Miya got 0 votes though... SOMEONE could have gave her a vote.. >_>)

    And I think I know what my next poll will be....
    (It's based on singing again.. :P I'm running out of idea's XD)

  5. how about acting skills? Candidates could be Aichen, Maasa, Risako and more ♥

    And I knew it was not about the favorite, "But there will always be fans who will choose their favorite.... There always will be. XD" was what I was getting at ;)

    Maybe the Miya fans (like me woohoo) gave their votes to Captain and Nakky ♥

  6. ^
    LOL. I don't pay too much attention to how the girl's act honestly.. They all seem to be pretty decent actors imo.. XD

    Oh! LMAO, I see... XD

    lol. Maybe they did.... Hmmmm.. (I'd eplain why she has 0 votes.. >_>) XD