Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Berryz Koubou - Aa, Yo ga Akeru” (Preview + Lyrics)

The song kind of gives off this fancy, fashionable feel (I can't describe it! xD)..... I really like it... (The line distribution is not too good, but since we have had such even line distribution for the last 2 singles... I guess we can't complain, right? (I'd prefer you guys not complain, since unequal line distribution isn't anything new.. It's normal... XD). XDD
Can't wait for the PV, hoping it's something that's got more of a cool look to it, than sexy.. XD

Oh, and here are the color-coded unofficial lyrics (Credit: Mei.ka~ at H!O):

Saki ShimizuMomoko TsugunagaChinami TokunagaMaasa SudouMiyabi NatsuyakiYurina KumaiRisako Sugaya

Kenage na otome no koi no uta Tsuki yo ni sasageru koi no uta
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Miya] Todoke Kono jun naru namida
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Miya] Todoke Ano hito e to todoke

Namida wa misenai no Shinpai kakenai no
Omoi wa [Miya/Momo] Hi goto tsunoru bakari desu

Ai wa Anata no moto e
Itsuka Mai oriru hazu
Tameiki Hitotsu dake yurushite Aa yo ga akesou

Toutoki toutoki koi no uta Hajimete sasageru koi no uta
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Rii] Todoke Eien naru chikai
[Sh/Chii/Sud/Rii] Todoke Ano hito e to todoke

Kokoro wo nozoitara Anata shika mienai yo
Megami wa [Rii/Yuri] Watashi ni hohoemu deshou

Ai ga Ookiku nareba
Anata Kurushimemasu ka
Namida ga Mata hitotsu koboreta Aa yo ga akesou

Fufufu- o-iei fufufu- ieiieie-

Ai ga Ookiku nareba
Anata Kurushimemasu ka
Ai wa anata no moto e Itsuka mai oriru hazu
Tameiki Hitotsu dake yurushite Aa yo ga akesou

Line distribution:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 8 solo lines (9 if you count her "Fufufu parts... XD)
Risako Sugaya: 7 solo lines
Yurina Kumai: 6 solo lines
Momoko Tsugunaga: 6 solo lines
Shimi, Sudou, & Chii: They each get 1 syllable (Example: O, ne, mo, ra), those syllables don't really count as solo lines though.. -shot- XD

I'm not too sure about these lines (I need to see the PV to make sure whether these are duet lines or what):
[Miya/Momo] Hi goto tsunoru bakari desu
[Rii/Yuri] Watashi ni hohoemu deshou

I think the "Hi goto tsunoru..." line really is a duet line between NatsuMomochi, but I ain't so sure about the Rii + Yuri line... I hear Rii dominance in it (But Rii usually always dominates whenever she sings duet with someone, she has the type of voice that overpowers others easily). XD

You can see the covers to the single here:
Aa, Yoru ga Akeru Covers

The covers look nice... Kind of dreamy-like, nee? The outfits don't really match the song though... XD
(LOL, and yes I did just link you guys to someone else blog... XD
I would post the covers in this post myself, but.... I honestly don't really feel like doing that, so yeah... View them there... XD)

I'm going to try to post more news on this blog from now on (Look forward to that.. XD).


  1. Yaaay Clarissa is Back *coughyoudontevenmessagemeonyoutubeanymore* :'(

    I am in Love with this osng like crazy u have No idea x_X

  2. ^
    Message me something (Anything), and I'll respond.. No one likes to chat on YT anymore.. No one seems to be on there now... XD

    Same here, I love the song.... And I think the outfits are pretty nice.. EVERYONE looks good in them (unlike in Ai no Dangan).... The outfits do SORT OF remind me of AKB48's Heavy Rotation though (because they both seem to wear nightwear)... Berryz's outfits are SO INNOCENT compared to AKB48's though (Berryz actually looks TONS more cute than sexy)... XD

    To be honest the only thing sexy about BK's covers for their new single IS Risako... Everything else looks cute (Anything with Pink though comes off as "cute" to me... XD). XD

  3. The music kind of reminds me of Morning Musume's "Summer Night Town" (yep, H!P oldies :P )

  4. OMG i said it looked like Heavy Rotation too XDD and Yeah Risako and Yurina are the best looking things on those covers. I'm sorry Captain and Momo, but your hair looks so fug! Outside of H!P they have like the best looks/hair. H!P Stylist need to GO! ><

  5. @Anonymous
    LOL. I've never heard or listened to that song before until today (Geez.. It came out in 1998? LOL. I was only 4 years old then... XD)... XD
    Having listened to it... Hmmmm.... I do hear a bit of that in BK's new song... XD

    LOL. I actually think Captain & Momo's hair look fine.. XD
    I love how long Captain's hair is getting (Long hair suits her SO MUCH better than short... IT'S TRUE) & Momo's hairstyle suits her facial features + she is the only one who has her hair up..... XD

    I hope UFA makes BK's PV for Aa, Yoru ga Akeru like AKB48's Heavy Rotation!! XDDD
    I'm sorry you guys, but I loved AKB48's PV for HR.... It wasn't inappropriate to me, it was cute, I loved it!! Berryz needs a PV like that!! YES!! XD

  6. Oh gosh...I hate AKB. But I won't rant about it. :P

  7. EEEEeee...Risako sounds great here--this song totally fits her!

  8. @ Clarissa you gonna spit out your juice , but Heavy Rotation is my fav AKB song and im a fan of theirs afte rlistening to their albums ^^

  9. "[Miya/Momo] Hi goto tsunoru bakari desu" -Miyabi and Maasa
    "[Rii/Yuri] Watashi ni hohoemu deshou" -Risako and Maasa