Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saki Nakajima - 2nd Photobook (Previews)

You guys all know about Nakky's 2nd photobook announcement, right? XD
(For those of you who don't... The photobook is called "w saki", and it's releases July 15.... Which is tomorrow.. XD)

Here are some previews from the PB:

(Look at those legs... *drools*)

(......I see Nakky got some booty growing back there.... -shot- Of course Momo still owns when it comes to... uhh... a female's backside... XDD)

(O.O..... This pic is a big no no.. XD)

(LOL. This is the cover of the PB... White Nakky is cute... XD)

(Black Nakky owns White Nakky though!! So sexy! -shot- XD)

(Yep, Black Nakky definitely owns White Nakky.. XD)

(*is speechless* O.O..... I'm at a loss for words...)

This photobook is pretty "naughty" isn't it?... I would have never expected to see Nakky posing the way she is in these pics (Not that I'm complaining, I like naughty!! :P).. :O

This PB is a must buy for Nakky fans.. XD


  1. lol I wonder what the staffs were thinking xD
    I'm feeling uncomfortable looking at some pics xD

  2. now I want to see some casual ones xD

  3. @Melisa
    LOL. Why do you feel uncomfortable?? I don't... XD
    The only pic of the previews that I found inappropriate is the Banana one.. All the other were fine to me (AND HOT!! XD). XD

    I want to the see the making of... XD

  4. yes, some pics are a bit....for perverts xDD

    But i love Nakky, i prefer Balck nakky too xD i hope it sells well ^^

  5. I do NOT like them! The only one I like is the cover. The first one is ok I guess...the rest are just too inappropriate for me.