Thursday, March 4, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Otakebi Boy WAO! (Close up Vers.) (Subtitled)

Englsh & Romaji subbed! :P

The English lyrics are interesting! They defintitely do suit the song(imo)!
My fav line from the translation is "Tomorrow, with a crash of thunder, the goddess of victory is waiting for you!". Love that line!


Me likey! ^_^
I like the little lighting things coming out of the girl's hand when they punch! Looks cool! : )
Although.. I do think the Wao parts do get rather irriating after a while, but other than that I like what I hear & see! The girl's don't look half as bad in those outfits as they looked when I first saw them either!!
Risako really impressed me a lot here! Her singing really does reminds me of Takahashi Ai's sometimes(I would perfer Rii-chan sing like this more often! XD)! <3
And OF COURSE my dear sweet Momoko was GREAT here as well!! She can be really amazing sometimes when she uses her deep voice! XD

(Other things that are rather notable... Chinami's look.. She looks gorgeous here! Miyabi's last solo line... I almost didn't think it was really her singing it at first, it was rather strong, if you consider what we've been hearing from her lately! XD).


  1. ...This song is... interesting... XD

    Miya at the end looks like she's in Buono! XD

  2. ^
    This song is strong! XD

    I like Miya's look in Buono better than her look in Berryz! XD