Thursday, March 18, 2010

Poll Results

I recently did a poll on whether or not you guys think I should post about Beckii in this blog, and here are the results:

Yes: 3 Votes( ^_^;)
No: 16 Votes
Yeah, sometimes: 22 Votes

LOL. I don't feel the least bit surprised by the number of people who picked "No!", I actually was expecting it!! But I'm surprised that so many people picked "Yeah, sometimes!", I'm very happy that most of the votes went to that!! ^_^ And LMAO... 3 votes for "Yes!"... I wonder who were the 3 voters who picked that??

Well... Based on the number of "No's" I got from this poll.. I think maybe I should just stick to The H!P Kids only.. I don't wanna make the readers disappointed(or angry! lol. XDD)!!

Such a CUTE dance!! <33333


  1. I demand Cuca-chan, not this!

  2. ^
    No Cuca-chan for you!!
    You gonna get Beckii-chan!! XDDD

  3. Cruel girls = x_x

    Danceroid = <333 Yes!!!!!!

  4. ^

    But DANCEROID probably won't be nearly as popular as the Cruel Angels!! :P
    I'm thinking in order for DANCEROID to succeed the Cruel Angels need to first... Since the Cruel Angels came before DANCEROID!! :PPPP

  5. Maybe so... But for Danceroid:

    #1: They speak the language (with actual pronunciations ><)

    #2: The Cruel girls can't do this:

  6. ^
    LOL. C'est la Vie doesn't like the Cruel Angels pronuciations?? XDD

    And what is that video from??
    Are DANCEROID dancing live???

  7. Nope, they pronunciate Japanese terribly XP

    And I guess they are. I haven't seen any other live videos (on youtube) I'd have to check NicoNico Douga because that's where they're most famous xD

  8. You... like her? I mean, she's cute, but...

    Oh, is your blog, anyways. You can post whatever the hell you want.

  9. @JiririKiteru
    But what??

    LOL. You don't like her(I'm kinda getting the feeling you don't..)?
    I do sorta like her.. I mean she's alright.. I personally just feel bad for her right now though.. Everyone's like SERIOUSLY hating on her... The hatred is ridiculous & childish... It pisses me off... Sorry..

    @ C'est la Vie
    LOL. XD

    Haha! Yeah.. NicoNico is DEFINATELY the place to go & check.. XDD

  10. Couldn't find any others T-T I've seen Kozue and Ikura in another vid about being on TBS radio though:

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