Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beckii Cruel

This is SORTA H!P related... LOL. XDDDD

I'm sure just about EVERY H!P fan knows who Beckii Cruel is.. But just in case ya didn't know...
Rebecca Flint was born 5 June 1995, she's better known by her stage name Beckii Cruel, she is a Manx pop singer. She reached popularity in Japan after a YouTube video of her dancing was posted around the Internet. She is the 21st most subscribed user (2nd most in the Musician category) in Japan on YouTube (as of 8 Feb 2009) Her YouTube account alone has reached 5.5 million viewers.

She got noticed through her Danjo video:

She & 2 other girl's(Sarah & Gemma Cruel) have released a major debut single,
The A-side to this major debut is "Tsubasa wo Kudasai"(Which means "Wings to Fly"):

B-side "Tsuki no Kakera"(Which means "Fragments of The Moon"):

I personally like Tsubasa wo Kudasai better because the vocals in Tsuki no Kakera sound.. Weird... But the PV is nice! <3

Beckii has also meet Morning Musume's Sayumi Michishige(This is the H!P related part! XD)..
There's a video on Upfront's official Youtube page of them together(in a photoshoot perhaps?):

Sayu looks a bit nervous in the video, but overall... seems to like Beckii from what I can see! : )
Perhaps she wants her fans to like her as well! ^_^

And also I have a new poll up now...
It's about Beckii...
I'm honestly REALLY interested in Beckii right now(in a good way! XD) and because of Sayu I find myself liking her more(if Sayu likes her than that means something good right?)... Sooo... I was wondering... Do you guys think I should post about Beckii in this blog SOMETIMES(I kinda want to... :P)??


  1. She had about four different posts about Beckii on her blog.

  2. ^
    LOL. I know.. But I ind it even more entertaining to see her in a video with Beckii! XDDD

  3. Not the biggest fan... not a fan actually... I believe that you should speak japanese to sing it (that's why the Coco Musumes left so fast)...

    But her Danjo single was very addicting XD

  4. no because I'm jealous of her

  5. I gotta say I don't like Beckii Cruel at all or the Cruel Angles. A little bit because I'm jealous, but mostly because they don't deserve it. None of them can actually sing. Especially Beckii she's not even pronouncing the words correctly in Danjo. And they're also not the best dancers on youtube. Where's LunaCherry2's or KyaaaKya's record deal? They'll never be the next Leah Dizon, that's for sure.

  6. Beckii Cruel's dancing and singing is terrible and in my opinion she is not even pretty. She most likely became an idol in Japan because she is young, but if she is 'talented' to them then almost everybody would become famous. I also agree with AimxAim,LunaCherry2 and KyaaaKya have way more talent them she does.

  7. I have only seen a few of her video's on Youtube and i think that she is ok. But watching a program about her, you soon see that she cant sing! :O

    Sorry, Beckii but your not good enough ...

  8. @AimxAim: Agree totally.

    I only discovered her when my mum told me about the BBC documentary that came on a week ago about her; Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14. I was envious and wanted to be her but you got to admit she has the right attributes to being a gaijin Japanese idol; her weight is similar, if seen by afar from someone with bad eyes, she could be mistaken for Japanese and she’s underage, perfect for Japanese older men.

    And you have to admit, she’s the first UK J-Popper who has gone to Japan and become a successful idol.

    But on the down side, I can’t understand how she got a contract out of all the talented dancers on YouTube, it encourages me to dance more into J-Pop and K-Pop and get my chance though she’s like 2 years younger than me and I’m in the age range of Berryz Kobou, Taemin, C-ute, Luna and Ji Yeon.