Thursday, September 23, 2010

Risako Sugaya (Ibu Himuro) - Elegant Girl CM

Need something to post on my blog... (It's been a while since I posted.. too long imo.. :P) 8D

Gorgeous! Risako looks so gorgeous.. And elegant (XD) in the CM... The song is pretty cool too (I need to hear more of it to really make judgment though :P)

Looking forward to the full PV & song of Risako's elegant girl XD


  1. Wow, she is so beautiful here!!!

    I just hope she doesn´t sing this in live hehehehe, i mean,... i like it now

  2. ^
    Agreed! XD

    LOL... That's so mean to say!! XDDDDDDD
    I'm sure she wouldn't sound too bad singing this live... :P

  3. Ok, sorry.......I won´t judge her before listen this in live xD but when i want to increase my Risako´s doesn´t increase lol..

    I prefer to love her as idol or model...but not as singer (it´s Momoko and Miyabi´s fault)...

    But I LIKE HER.....i can´t hate nothing in H!P as you know xD