Monday, September 6, 2010

Momoko Tsugunaga's unique voice

LOL. I actually made this video myself, it's the first time I've ever really tried to edit something together (and been successful with it :P). The video was inspired by a video my friend "chissaunderrated" made (The video he made is called "Chisato Okai's voice"just in case anyone's wondering)! It took me about 2 days to do this video (lol, I spent all day yesterday trying to finish this! xD)!
I've basically just edited together Momoko's live performance's.. Like her solo events, solo performance's, and solo lines...
The video actually has a lot of solo lines Momo sings live (I've added my fav solo lines of her's in there), and then it has solo's, and etc, etc! The video though, is honestly a bit too long... (It's nearly 13 minutes long.... I meant to make it only like 5 minutes long! xDDD).. But there's never enough Momo, right? 8D

I hope everyone takes a look at my video, I REALLY put A LOT of work into it... :P

And here's my friend's (chissaunderrated's ) video:

(his video is basically the same as mine, just with a different girl and it's like almost 2 times shorter :P).

Also, Guess what?........
I finally know what I want my next poll to be on... :D