Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another new poll

So, instead of waiting for my current poll to end (I'm impatient, sorry), I've decided to just open another poll.. So, yeah.. 2 polls open at once now (that's new :P)... This new poll is gonna be another this member versus that member (I'm becoming really addicted to polls like that XD), It's gonna be on *DRUMROLL*...........
Miyabi & Chisato (I've never seen anyone versus these 2 up against each other, so this will be very interesting.. Much more interesting than the Momo & Rii poll :D).

The topic is: Who's version of "Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka" is better, Miyabi or Chisato's?

Miyabi Natsuyaki's version:

Chisato Okai's version:

The poll's gonna be open for one week, just like the Momoko & Risako poll... Vote wisely.. :P
(Both polls are open guys.. Remember that.. My Momo & Risako poll is open too :P)


  1. Even though I like them both the same(they're both my second favorites from the group by vocal talent, dancing skills and just my favorites, first are Momo and Nakky). So if I vote for Miya I'll feel bad for not voting for Chisa but after listening to their songs at the same time(I played it like that) I can say that Miya sang this better because Chisato had hard time taking up the higher notes... And I still feel sad for voting for Miya :s

  2. i voted for chissa

    your poll is the same poll im having now exept mine include risako .

    so please vote okay^>^

  3. After a lot of time thinking.....i forget that i love Chissa´s voice, i forget that Miyabi is in my top now because her voice xD......and...

    For me Chisato!! lol, her vibrato in the song makes her sound nicer

    You are making me vote between 2 perfects performances lol

  4. @Neko
    LOL. That's true, Miyabi does hit the high notes better, but I'll have to be honest and say that I think the song suits Chisa voice better... Miya's singing technique pwns Chisa's though.. So.. hmmm... It's close tie..

    LOL. I saw it, and I voted on it.. (Did you get your poll idea from my poll? xD) ^^

    "You are making me vote between 2 perfects performances lol"

    LOL. I know I am, that's the point.. These 2 performances here were both really great.. So, obviously it's gonna take a bit of thinking and a few listens to choose who's version is best (This is the whole reason why I added this poll xD)
    I'm more interested in the poll results for this poll than the Momo & Rii one xD

  5. voted for miya haha her voice sound mre beautiful XD

  6. ^
    LOL. Miyabi does have a sweet voice ^^