Friday, October 29, 2010


Well... Kira & akari48 did one, so I figured why not do one myself... (good way to update my blog too :P) XD

1. I find Jpop music more listenable than American music (I really don't listen to American music nearly as much as I used to.. Jpop is like taking over for me.. It's kinda scary, but I'm liking the take-over oddly enough! XD)
2. Talking to Arche-JoIyo (an obsessed humble Risako fan :P), made me like Rii more (all of Risako's other fans made me hate her more... xDDD)!! ^^
3. Back in 2008, I used to dislike Airi's voice... it came off to me as somewhat unpleasant (It became WAY TOO nasally for my taste at that time.. xD), but now I quite like it (less nasally now.. :P)
4. I love photobooks.. I love bikini's and I love Momo's butt... I think she looks great in a bikini!!! And yeah I'M A GIRL AND I'M 16 YEARS OLD AND YES I DID JUST SAY I LOVE BIKINI'S!!!! :P
5. I found H!P though AKB48's Hirari Skirt :P
6. Sometimes...... I start to dislike a member not because of something she does... but like because of how her fans act... Some fans really annoy me... Like really bad... :P
7. I don't really remember why Momoko became my favorite member XD
8. Sometimes.. Miyabi rivals Momo for position as my favorite H!P member (and Berryz member).... Even though I put Miyabi as my least favorite member in the H!P Kids.... (So odd, right? xD)
9. I often used to get into lots of arguments with other fans because I used to be too blunt with my opinions (Like... If I thought a girl sucked... I would just say it.. I wouldn't sugar-coat it or anything... I would just say it straight out.. like "Damn, she sucks!!!!" XD)
10. I used have a fetish for sailor uniforms... I loved them so much!! xD
11. I think Momo's thunder thighs are sexy.. :P
12. *prepares to be shot at* I still think Risako needs to lose weight... She'd look better :P
13. I never liked Nakajima Saki because of her personality or her dancing.. I liked her because I thought she was cute.. and that's it.. :P
14. I actually dislike Mai's voice in almost every song she's in.. Even though I made a video titled "Mai's adorable voice" (I was on crack when I made that... XD) :P
15. I like Chisato's singing more than Airi's even though I think Airi is the better singer....
16. I like AKB48's new single, Beginner.. :P
17. I still think Maimi's boring and personality-less.
18. I ignore nearly every release that is MM.. :P
19. Once LinLin leaves MM, I hope the group disbands.. :P
20. I think Miyabi is sexy.. and I think she's a bitch in real life... Miyabitch.. :P
21. Whenever I have nothing to do... I immediately start thinking of H!P.. XD
22. I think Airi has no ass, and is as flat as a cardboard... but I love her bikini pics (Am I turning into a lesbo or something? xD)
23. I like Beckii Cruel and I'm subscribed to her channel and I keep up with all her and the Cruel girl's releases.. Ha! :P

And that's it.. Mostly H!P confessions XD
Feels good to say all of that.. ^^ I hope no one hates me now though.. xD


  1. I don't willingly ignore Morning Musume. But their releases give me no other choice XD To be honest MM disbanding wouldn't be a disaster for me.

    The second part of #20 - I'm sure you're right about it.

    But why do you like Beginner? :P

  2. i found myself similar to some of your confessions. especially no. 4. I'M 15 AND I DO LOVE HER BIKINI SHOTS TOO.
    also to 11 12 18 21

  3. "6. Sometimes...... I start to dislike a member not because of something she does... but like because of how her fans act"

    That´s happened me but it´s different....i love more some member because their fans xDD the only girl i love without "help" is Chisato lol

    (and yes!!! Momo´s butt ftw xDDD..omg what do you make me say? i´m not a pervert fan xDDD)

  4. @Kishiko
    I wouldn't care if MM disbanded (I'd be kinda happy :P), but than that may mark the end for H!P if it's main group goes?

    LOL. You also think Miyabi is a bitch in rl? xD

    LOL. IDK... When I first heard the song, I just loved it and I still do.. It's badass. I love the beat! :P

    LOL. For some reason it seems "unnatural" (& pervy) for a female teenage fan to like bikini's.. I like them though (especially on Momo).. And I always will. No one will change my mind about that xD

    LOL. Some fans make me hate their favorite member.. Their over-hyper-ness kills it for me sometimes... (Only fans who made like their favorite member more are Archey & Kylon.. The rest killed it for me XD) :P

    lol, Come over to the dark side Chissa fan! xD

  5. It's about time take action and change the main group. It's not like it can't be done. If S/mileage can go from zero to 25k within a year, creating a group that will replace MM financially is not impossible. And when they'll stop wasting resources on promoting MM, other groups will also profit.
    Tsunko open your eyes! ~

  6. some of your confessions are ar exactly like mine

    while the other made laugh.

    and i would love to see mm disband or dethroned

    from "THE MAIN BAND" thing and put C-ute insted.

  7. i agree with a lot of yours, making me want to add more to my list now.

    #12 i think she looks fine the way she is but as an idol, she is fat weather we agree or not and to mee it seems that H!P giving her baggy clothes to wear all the time, covering her up more that the others and Airi and Momo their 5th PB over Rii is their way of telling her that she needs to loose weight. But *will kill anyone who reminds me that i've said this* i admire her for not loosing the extra weight

    I also liked Beginner from the first listen, i just can't stand their video.

  8. Some of your confessions made me LOL so hard! XD

  9. @Kishiko:
    If S/mileage can go from zero to 25k within a year, that's mean the goats called "Idol fans" only follow who had most of promotion, even that group sing like shit and spend too much money for the crap things in their PV.

    anw, MM is just a name, its changes members everytime, that why MM can stay in showbiz longer than other female idol group, and MM only go to zero when the last member graduated, not disband.
    how more longer MM can stay in showbiz that dependent on UFA, 10, 20 years or as long as UFA, but I can sure that all of ETC48 will go to doomed after Aki the Pimp retired or sleep-in-da-box forever, because their popularity totally dependent on his talent in make PR.

  10. I'm 14 and I love the bikinishots too hahaha XD
    I have a lot of bikiniphotos on my computer too XD

  11. @Mr.NoobAnonymous
    Calm down pal.. No AKB48 bashing on my blog, thank you. :P

    LOL. YES!! I'm not the only one!!! XD

  12. LOL. bashing?? hell no, why I have to bashing those lovely expensive-dolls-use-to-satisfy-the-hentai-otakus??
    I just tell the fact, in honestly, I like to see the ridiculous games that smart Aki the Pimp and his cuteness harem are doing to milk the money from the fat goats named "Aki-Harem fans".
    And I have to thank Aki the Pimp b'cause this respectful old man is training many pretty porn pro-actress then present them for the world to prove that how great the Japan Adult Video industry is. As a JAV fan, I very proud about him.

    p/s: don't get me wrong, I'm really love Aki's harem *peace*

  13. ^
    LOL. You're a very interesting fan.. xD