Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Poll

LOL. Time for a new poll (been a while since my last one)!!
The poll is gonna be another this member versus that member (I like those kind of polls) :P
This time it's on Momoko and Risako... I'm gonna do a poll asking everyone which version of VERY BEAUTY they like better, Momo's or Risako's (Just be honest guys.. You ain't hurting me xD) :D

Where did I get this idea from? Uhhh.. Someone I was chatting to on youtube recently.. xD
LOL. This part of that persons message inspired my new poll:
"And honestly, I like Risako's Very Beauty performance much better than Momo's, she sings it a bit too weird for me, sorry. I think it had a reason why Chinami!!! got that famous solo-line instead of Momo. But we are all biased, you know. On the other hand, Momo would sound better than Rii in Toma...ehm the other A-Side of WAO! imo!"

Yeah, the guy is a Risako fan (I think Archey may know who I'm talking about :P)! xD
but yeah... That's where my inspiration for my new poll came from.. This guy ^^
I hope you guys vote wisely. :D

Momoko Tsugunaga - VERY BEAUTY:

Risako Sugaya - VERY BEAUTY:

(To be honest.. I think it's a bit unfair to compare the versions to each other, because Risako's version sounds different from Momo's.. Like the music sounds a little different?..... O.O)

I'll leave the poll open for a week! ^^


  1. LOL. Interesting poll you got here, Angel.
    Here's my opinion on the subject:

    Risako's version:
    It's good, but she sounds strained at some parts (like when she tries to sing higher, her voice sounds quite strained), and she's somewhat pitchy too. Another thing to add is her "Sore ga miryoku yo"'s sound a bit flat (her first one particularly), and the key has indeed been lowered for her (just a little, not a lot).

    Momoko's version:
    She's got great control over her voice (she always does though), but I think she's a bit too shaky at some parts, and she does go flat at times too.. :P

    My pick though, no doubt, would be Momoko, why? Well....
    1. Because she has no lines in the song originally (so she doesn't have too much experience with it unlike Risako... Risako was the lead singer in Very bueaty & this isn't her first time singing the song solo either, she's song half of it solo in a Berryz vs C-ute concert), and yet Momo sings it as good as Risako does.
    2. Because Momo didn't have to have her version lowered like Risako in order to help her hit the notes better (that's an unfair advantage....)
    3. Because she controls her voice better and doesn't sound strained singing the high notes.

    This is all just my personal opinion though.
    I'm curious to see how the poll turns out! I think you already know who I'm routing for Angel! :D

  2. This is a fair Poll because both of them are the final anwers will be the TRUE xD

    You know my vote right? xD

    I like both versions but i enjoy more Momo´s version

  3. @Cuttie
    Damn, you wrote a lot.. I've never seen you write so much!!! XD I agree with most of the stuff you're saying though! ^^

    LOL. Whatever you say... xD

    LOL. Of course I do!! xD

    Ah, same here. I like both, but I enjoyed Momo's version more! :D

  4. voted for momo haha cz she has a good control wid her voice XD