Monday, May 16, 2011

2 new polls

My first poll will be a poll on Momo's 4th solo event..... :P

Momoko's 4th solo event is probably my favorite solo event from her so far.... the performances from it are really great (I was really surprised at setlist... Some o the songs she choose to sing.. were unexpected.... I'm so used to her picking songs like Momoiro Kataomoi! XD)......
-getting straight to the point-
I can't choose which performance from her 4th solo event that I like best, so.... I want you guys to vote & choose for me.... XD

4th solo event performances:
Nakimushi Shounen
Honto no Jibun
YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~

2nd poll is going to include all the H!P Kids.... and.... -gets ready to be shot-... It's asking you to vote for who your 3 least favorite H!P Kid members are... I'm just curious to see which members my blog readers are not so fond of... -don't hurt me- XD


  1. the 1st poll,......Honto no Jibun xD, it was my favourite

    The 2nd poll.....don´t make me choose xD, but from my rankings....they are 3 Berryz´s members xD i won´t say who (No C-ute, No Momo and No Captain of course)

    anyways i love them, but i don´t pay them attention (damm C-ute xD)

  2. 1st poll: "Honto no Jibun" (Buono song, duh)
    2nd poll: I don't actually dislike anybody, so I just picked the ones that I know the least about, which are Chinami, Maasa, and Yurina.

  3. well, it should be obvious they're from Berryz since my love for c-ute is <3 :P

  4. and I wonder what's my fav. song from

  5. ^^^^
    No, it isn't. If you don't like her polls than don't vote on hem, hater.

    1st poll: Nakimushi Shounen
    It was hard choosing between Nakimushi, ONLY YOU, & YOUR SONG, all 3 performances were impressive. :D

    2nd poll:
    You already know who. =P

    What's your least favorite solo event from Momoko, Angel?

  6. @THE Chissa fan
    Ehhh??? Honto no Jibun is your fav?? I'm surprised... XD

    I bet I can guess who... XD

    ROFL. C-ute takes all your attention away from other groups.. XD

    Shush up. :P

    LOL. Nakimushi is a Buono! song too! XD

    I don't dislike anyone either.. I just have members I don't really pay attention to.. XD

    Melisa is getting so biased towards C-ute... I saw your top 10 ranking on Hello-Online, and you have like NO Berryz members in your top 10.. *is shocked* XD

    Kylon, isn't a hater... he's just.... terribly honest is all.. XD

    My least fav solo event from Momo is.... Hmmm... Well.... I don't have a least fav solo event... but I do have a least fav performance from her and that would be Aisuru hito no Namae wo Nikki ni... XD

  7. lol why are you surprised?

  8. ^
    LOL. I'm surprised cause I thought you would pick Nakimushi or something.... XD

  9. Yeah, for some reason I completely forgot about Nakimushi as being one of the choices. :P But yeah, I know it's a Buono song, but I like Honto no Jibun better anyway. :)

  10. 1st poll - Only you :3

    2nd poll - Chinami, Maasa, Nakki

  11. 1st poll - You should make an option saying ALL because choosing one song in which Momo did good when she did Awesome in all songs is impossible >_< Oh, but I voted for ONLY YOU(but all the other songs were great too!)
    2nd poll - since You made me choose Sugaya Risako, Okai Chisato and Mai Hagiwara. I don't hate them or anything, but I don't really like them... I would have also voted Tokunaga Chinami, but couldn't :/

  12. lol I know, Berryz Koubou started to get boring for me :(

  13. I know what You mean :(
    I really liked their songs and stuff but lately it just doesn't feel the same listening to them... Somehow C-ute sounds better nowadays and is getting much more attention.. Momusu is starting to get back on their feet(since their singles weren't the best these past few years..)