Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Poll results

I did 2 polls 2 weeks ago, and here are the results:

What is your fav solo from Momo's 4th solo event?

ONLY YOU: 18 votes
Nakimushi Shounen: 18 votes
Honto no Jibun: 12 votes
Rival: 10 votes
YOUR SONG ~Seishun Sensei~: 9 votes

Winner of poll: ONLY YOU & Nakimushi Shounen

Total number of votes: 67

LOL. Only you & Nakimushi tied... I'm kind of happy they tied and had the most votes.. As those 2 are my fav solos from Momo's 5th solo event (It would have been nice if one of them won though.. :P)... XD
(I'm still surprised to see Honto no Jibun in 3rd place.. I thought Rival would be 3rd... XD)

Who are your top 3 least fav H!P Kid members?

1. Chisato Okai: 55 votes
2. Chinami Tokunaga: 42 votes
3. Mai Hagiwara: 40 votes
4. Maasa Sudou: 39 votes
5. Risako Sugaya: 39 votes
6. Yurina Kumai: 37 votes
7. Airi Suzuki: 35 votes
8. Maimi Yajima: 33 votes
9. Momoko Tsugunaga: 29 votes
10. Saki Nakajima: 22 votes
11. Saki Shimizu: 19 votes
12. Miyabi Natsuyaki: 17 votes

Top 3: Chisato, Chinami, & Mai
Total number of votes: 407

~My comments on each members position~

I'm not surprised to see Chisato with the most votes.... The poll I did a while ago on whether or not fans minded Chisato being promoted more, pretty much convinced me Chisa would be the one with the most votes....

I'm not sure if it's just my blog or.... If this is how some people from the H!P fan community generally feel about Chisa... but I have noticed a bit of an increase of fans complaining about her recently on certain forums... So? Is it just my blog or...? I wonder... (I do feel bad for Chisato fans though.... It must be saddening seeing Chisa at the very top of this list... :[)

Hmmmm... LOL... I guess Chinami is at no.3 because people don't really know her too well (I see no other reason for her to be up there other than that.... As Chii seems like a pretty nice likable person & she's not a lead singer (AKA line hog as some people like to call them! :P)... XD)....

I remember, not too long ago (like only 2 or 3 days ago, I think) Mai was like at 9th position (in the bottom 4), now she's at 3rd (In the top 3.. O.O)... I wonder what happened?? I thought she would end up being one of the least voted members... XD

Maasa & Risako:
LOL... I'm concluding the same thing for Maasa that I concluded for Chii... People must not really know her too well... XD
Risako did better than expected... 5th place is not a bad place for her (especially since it looked like she was going to be end up in 2nd place only a while ago... :P)...
Maasa & Risako's positions are exchangeable.. They're tied actually.. XD

Hmmmm... Not much to really say about Yuri's position... I think she is where she should be (Right in the middle! :D). ^^

Airi is in a pretty good position, nee?? :D
Looks like people have finally gotten over C-ute's SHOCK single (If I had done this poll about a year ago, I know Airi would have probably been right at the top or somewhere close to that.. A lot of people were not too fond of Airi last year.. :P).

Maimi Yajima:
Like Kumai, I think she is right where she should be. In the bottom 5! :)

I'm really surprised at Momo's position, she's a lot lower that I expected... O.O
I honestly thought she would be higher... Somewhere around where Rii & Maasa are positioned.. :P It's good though that she's lower (The lower, the better). I'm happy. :)

Nakky's in the bottom 3!! Looks like Melisa's fangirling has finally paid off, nee?? XD
Like Momo, I expected Nakky to be a little higher... I'm glad she's lower though (Like I said, the lower, the better! :P). Nakky fans are advancing this year! XD

Captain & Miyabi:
Not surprised at all by these 2's position... They're exactly where they should be. :)
I've always noticed that Captain & Miyabi tend to be very well respected in the H!P fan community, I almost (keep in mind that I said "almost") never hear anyone say anything bad about them, It's really rare to see them get bashed or anything. :)
Their position is why I think the poll is not too off from how the general community feels about certain members. :)


  1. captain is getting popular :)

    also chisato is the least fav H!P Kid member :(
    this is unfair but i know why it's because your blog is sending "LOVE BK " vibes XD

    but it dosent matter as long she have fans♥

    "Looks like people have finally gotten over C-ute's SHOCK single"

    maybe some did but most of c-ute fans are still mad from it (airi have lots of hard cored fans)

  2. ^
    "also chisato is the least fav H!P Kid member :(
    this is unfair but i know why it's because your blog is sending "LOVE BK " vibes XD"

    Well... Actually... C-ute members individually usually get more votes than Berryz members do.. And my C-ute polls usually gather more votes than Berryz ones... And some of my most popular posts are C-ute posts... I have a bit more C-ute fans reading my blog than Berryz... XD

    "but it dosent matter as long she have fans♥"

    THIS. It doesn't matter. ^^

    "maybe some did but most of c-ute fans are still mad from it"

    Yes, I know there are still some fans who are bothered by it, but not NEARLY as many as last year (All hell broke lose last year.... Everywhere I looked Airi was being bashed.. I never thought it'd end... XD)

  3. Ah, i´m happy for Miyabi since i became fan some months ago xD

    The problem with Chissa is her promotion i guess....i did a post in september 2010 saying that Chissa was the most underused member in H!P that year (more than Linlin O.o).....they are solving that....it´s not over promotion if people see the past ^^ lol

    The way of the popular girls were too easy....Chissa has come! so they have to work harder xD

  4. @THE Chissa fan
    LOL. xD

    Eh... Well you know... The more attention they get the more dislikers they get... LOL.... xD

    ROFL. xD

  5. lol, I don't think my fangirl made people like Nakky :P most people I know, doesn't really care about her anyway x3 though I'm glad she's not that high ^^

    and I'm not surprised either to see Chisa so high ever since promo had started for her...I seriously don't get people sometimes though >_> 1st they say that Airi gets too much attention and they want someone else to get promoted...and now that Chisa's promoted, they don't like it.....-sigh- that's just the way it is x3