Monday, May 30, 2011

New Buono! Video

A new video of Buono! was uploaded on Buono!'s official Youtube channel today, their talking about their new single "Natsu Dakara" in the video.... You can see half of their outfits, and Airi even sings some of "Natsu Dakara"'s melody at one part in the video:

(A lot of funny moments happening in the video! xD)


  1. that was actually hilarious xDD

  2. I love how your keeping up with your blog posts more frequently :)

  3. lol Airi´s talk at the beggining is a bit strange lol...she talks very bad xD but i love her lol

    I´m a big C-ute fan (that measn that i should choose Airi always!)...but in Buono! Momo shines the most for me xD

  4. Tell your Friend Cuttie to stop spamming with Miyabi hate on that video -______-

  5. momochi at 1:11 XD

    i think miya is hitting momo little hard in this .

  6. @Raffi
    Agreed! xD

    LOL. It's because I have nothing else to do.. XD

    @THE Chissa fan
    LOL. xD

    In Buono! Momo shines most for me too... But ya know.. The other girls are great as well! <3

    LOL. Momo. xD

    Yeah... That was a little too hard, but it made me laugh a bit... xD