Tuesday, August 18, 2009

C-ute - Indies Single's Ranking

I ranked C-ute's major single's....
Now it's time to rank their indies single's.

1. Ookina Ai De Motenashite

I don't know what it is about this song that makes me like it so much, maybe it's the fact that it's so cutesy.
But I'm absolutely addicted to it, I could listen to it 100 times and still love it! And the fact that this song is soooo............ AIRI! just makes me love it even more!

2. Wakkyanai Z

One of the reasons I love this song so much is because of the way Airi sounds here. Airi's voice is not too high pitched nor is it too low pitched in this song(it sounds just RIGHT). And also because I adore the outfits that they perform in live(I like Airi's & Maimi's the most).

3. Massara Blue Jeans

This song featured A LOT of Maimi, and less of Airi & Megumi. Erika & Kanna were featured too(though less in favor of Maimi, Megumi & Airi).

well... I love the song(especially the part where Kanna yells Massara Blue Jeans), and I think the dance is great too(even if it is a bit inappropiate). and I also loved everyone's vocals in the song(even Maimi's!).

4. Soku Dakishimete

I like this song... But I just like C-ute's other indies single's more. The dance was alright(but not really all that great). The main vocalist's (Megumi, and Maimi) were great. and the outfits for the song were nice!

I don't particularly dislike any of C-ute's indies or major single's(except maybe Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu).


  1. I love love love Soku Dakishimete. That would be my #2 of C-ute's indies ranking. This is a good ranking! I like your reasoning ^_^

    Aww you didn't like Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu?

  2. Lol, no I didn't like SOM. it's just to 70's sounding.

  3. i have to agree with this list totally. the first c-ute song ive ever heard (and 1st H!P song too) was ookina ai de motenaishite , and i thought it was annoying! but after a month it was super cathy! i really liked it and it heped me get nto c-ute.

    and yeah , Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu is annoying!