Monday, August 3, 2009

SimpleSub = Best H!P Kids Subbing Group

(Keep in mind that SimpleSub didn't pay me nor did they request for me to post about them in my blog. I'm doing it of my own free will!)

SimpleSub is kinda new they started releasing early March this year(their first release was a solo from my fav member Momoko), Though they're subs aren't "the best" like Hello!Fansub's or MMIF's, but they're still good. the best word's I can use to describe their subs are simple but colorful(and i like simple! not a fan of anything "too fancy").

One of the things that makes me like this fairly new subbing group so much is the fact that they focus "mainly" on h!p kids groups(a lot of h!p subbing groups focus on Morning Musume a lot Although they do "occasionally" throw in some h!p kids).
And that they also take requests(i know almost all sub group take requests but i don't think their are a lot of sub groups who release their stuff as fast as SimpleSub does).

Sure there isn't all that much content now(about 10 to 15 releases), but it's new! Their will be more as time goes on!

So all you "H!P kids (Berryz, C-ute) fans" should really check out their website!! You'll love it!!


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