Wednesday, August 19, 2009

C-ute - Members Ranking

I never did post my member ranking for C-ute... soooo here it is....

1. Airi Suzuki

I LOVE LOVE LOVE AIRI! She's everything you'd look for in an idol. her singing is great, her dancing is not bad(it isn't the best, but it's still pretty good), she has a WONDERFUL personality(personally... I've always thought that Airi has the "truest" personality from all of the H!P members), and she's pretty!!
I believe Airi would be a great future soloist if given the chance(she's popular enough for it)!!!!

2. Chisato Okai

LOL, I pretty much like Chisa for the same reasons I like Airi!! Great vocals, great dancer(3rd best in C-ute), nice personality(i find Airi's personality a bit more entertaining than Chisa's though)!! I think Chisa would make a great soloist someday too(though I don't think she really has the looks nor the popularity for it). And also I must say... Chisa looks so much cuter with shoulder length hair(I'm sad though that she recently cut her hair... AGAIN)!

3. Saki Nakijima

I think Saki is absolutely GORGEOUS!! She's one of the prettiest girl's from H!P( I demand a PB from her right now!). and I also think Saki's dancing is amazing(she's the BEST dancer from C-ute, do you hear me I said BEST not 2nd best, BEST. She can outdance Maimi ANYDAY). I love her smile and her sweet personality!! Saki is adorable! <3>

4.Mai Hagiwara
Mai is really growing up(judging by that pic of her)....... I love Mai's dancing(she's so flexable when she dances, especially in Tokaikko Junjou), and I think her vocals are pretty nice too(not the best, but still pretty decent). I also like her personality(she can do some really funny things sometimes...). And one more thing.... I think Mai has a lot of potenial in the looks department(she could grow up to be very pretty).

5. Erika Umeda
I used to think Erika was kinda........... ugly
when I first got into C-ute(but this is because I was watching pv's of her when she was like 12 or 13 and she hadn't "blossomed" yet), Of course I don't think that about her now anymore(she's so much prettier now). I personally think Erika has one of the most stable voice's from C-ute(even though she's obviously is not given enough credit for that). It's sad she's gonna be graduating soon....

6. Maimi Yajima

No offense to Maimi fans..... But Maimi just comes off to me as plain and boring(in other words personality-less). I think she's VERY beautiful, very energetic during C-ute's live performances, and a stable singer. But she's just honestly too dull to me(I just can't get into her).

Maimi's like an idol clone......

Well... that's it(i'm not gonna put Kanna in this ranking since she's gone). I'll probably rank Berryz next again(since my opinion on some members has completely changed).


  1. I agree with you about Maimi I don't see the appeal about her

  2. i also think that saki looks gorgeous

  3. I'm glad I'm not alone with my opinion about Yajima :)

  4. yes i've never been a Maimi fan she reminds me of the asians that work at nail salons and her voice gets boring she's not dynamic at all

  5. Again, thanks for being a Maimi hater, wow I'm impressed... like a person beyond the mirror.

    And your'e off...
    Miami is:
    A not-so-good singer...
    Somewhat very beautiful...
    And a GENERIC Idol, she ain't the only one.

    But I like her because she is no Momo.

  6. Lol. Thank you? I think....

    You like Maimi because she is no... Momo?
    I'm not quite sure what you ment by that..... Maimi & Momo are completely different people and that's pretty obvious, I hope you weren't just comparing Momo-chan to Yajima.

  7. Maimi Yajima is better than Airi Suzuki..Sorry but I think everyone would like It If she could sing again...Like in there new singel SOCK! Airi gets all the lines the only time the other girls sing is in the middle...Airi is getting to much lines and the others need there time in the spot light, If I were Mai, Maimi, Chisato and Saki I would have left the group already, That's most likely why the other girls left, They didn't get much lines and It was getting boring! The others..Should go do something that they like..Airi should go solo If she wants so much spot light, I don't hate her I just dislike her. :/ Sorry..And an idol clone?...What the hell?

  8. @Anonymous
    That's YOUR OPINION!
    I think Airi is better than Maimi. It's just my opinion. Accept it!
    Airi doesn't need to need to go solo. Without Airi C-ute would probably be falling apart(in sales and fans, I mean!)!
    And yes, I think Maimi is an idol clone. It's just my opinon, do you understand?

  9. My own personal ranking-
    Mai hagiwara,Chisato Okai,Maimi Yajima,Airi Suzuki and Saki Nakajima

    i also think that maimi is way better than i airi,i'll agree than airi should get a solo...there are also some people than loves other members of c-ute way better than airi so if airi would get a solo i think they would not fall apart

  10. @Anonymous
    LOL. why do people always post themselves as Anonymous??? XDD

    LOL. I think Airi is much better than Maimi vocal-wise! I don't think Airi needs to leave C-ute at all. I think C-ute would fall apart without since she is it's MOST popular member and best seller! :P
    Ya know, C-ute is actually getting more equal now. In their latest concert tour(SHOCKING Live) EVERYONE has a solo! :D

  11. why is Airi part of C-ute???
    isn't she part of Buono???