Monday, August 3, 2009

Erika Umeda Leaving C-ute & h!p!!

Erika Umeda announced that she will be graduating from C-ute & H!P this October during C-ute's fall concert, her reason is to focus on being a fashion model...

Even though i didn't pay that much attention to Erika, I'm still sad about this,
but i really think it's the best for her. Her talent was completely WASTED in C-ute.
And i think she has a really unique look And I think she'll have a much more successful career in modeling fashion rather than in the background of an idol group.

well... At least she's gonna get have a proper graduation ceremony during the upcoming concert.
I hope to see her in a couple of fashion magazines after her graduation.....



  2. Its so sad how Erika had NO SOLOS in ANY of the C-ute songs I've seen and heard. She even had a bigger part in ZYX.