Sunday, January 24, 2010

Berryz & C-ute - Vocal Control Ranking

I haven't posted in a while and I felt I should post! LOL.

So here are my ranking's for the vocals of each member from both Berryz & C-ute:
(I'm gonna try and NOT be completely biased towards my favorite members!! I'm gonna try... XD)

Berryz Vocal Control Ranking:
1. Miyabi Natsuyaki - Should anyone really be surprised to see her at no.1? This girl obviously has the best control live in Berryz(No wonder she get's most of the lines! xD)! XD
2. Momoko Tsugunaga - Even if her voice is really high pitched sometimes, she's still one of Berryz best singers! This girl is talented! xD
3. Saki Shizimu- Captain's a rather good singer! But she never get's many lines so... Most people would probably not even know that.. : (
4. Risako Sugaya - Her vocals are rough like Ai Takahashi's, but she doesn't have the control Ai has! Although she has improved a lot when compared to how she used to sing when she was younger! But Rii-chan still has a lot more improving to do!
5. Yurina Yumai - She's a decent singer! ^^ She's sometimes off pitch & and sometimes she's not! She's alright! : )
6. Maasa Sudou - Her voice is deep(not that it's a bad thing)! She's an ok singer! ^^
7. Chinami Tokunaga - I used to think she was one of Berryz best singers, that is until I heard some of her solo events(After listening to them I realized that she wasn't as good a singer as I thought she was! Her voice is cute though! xD)!

C-ute Vocal Control Ranking:
1. Airi Suzuki - SURPRISE! SURPISE! Is it really SHOCKING to see Airi at no.1 for my vocal ranking of C-ute(The answer is NO!!! xD Why? Because I've always said that Airi is the vocal powerhouse of C-ute, so no one should be surprised to see me ranking her this high!! :p)?
2. Chisato Okai - I think her voice is more pleasant to listen to than Airi's but I think Airi is still the one who has the most control live from C-ute! Chisa is pretty good though! ^^
3. Maimi Yajima - I don't like her voice(it sounds like she's singing with a stuffed nose or something! xD), but she is a pretty decent singer! : )
4. Mai Hagiwara - She's got some potential! She could be a very good singer if Tsunku trains her vocals some more! ^^ (I loved her "Natsu Remember You" solo in her solo event! <3)
5. Saki Nakijima - Well.. I love Nakki, but she's just not as great a singer as people like Airi or Chisato! But she has improved a lot recently though!! ^^ So, I guess she's getting there! XD

Feel free to disagree with me as much as you'd like(I rather like people with different opinions from mines!)!! xD


  1. @ C'est la Vie
    Haha! You didn't think I was gonna put her at no.1? xD I'm not THAT biased! :p

  2. I'm not surprised at your rankings at all.
    It's quite different from mine though.
    Well, it's hard to define what it means to "control the vocal".
    We're talking about technical stuff, right?
    Music's hard, isn't it? Haha. XD

    The only comment I wanna say is that..
    (since you wanted to hear different opinions from yours)
    Airi DOES control her voice her NOSE.
    That's why she gets to sound like herself from start to finish in the lives.
    From what I heard, Airi is definitely not a powerful vocalist.
    Chissa is.
    No, if you talk about the POWER ALONE then it should be Maimi. XD
    Listen to Forever Love carefully.
    Compare Maimi and Airi's lines.
    You'll know what I'm talking about.
    If you don't, that's still fine.
    We all have different ears.
    I'm Muukau from H!O by the way. ^^

  3. I can agree with most of C-ute ranking! With the exception of Yaji, of course. Every time I listen to Yaji I can't help but think "weaaak!". Not Michishige-weak, but still, lol.

  4. @ Kishiko
    Haha! Yajima is on & off with her vocals! Sometimes she sings OK, and sometimes just horrible(*Looks at the EVERYDAY Zekkouchou Music Japan performance....*)!!

  5. @ Muukau
    WOAH! Man you wrote quite a bit!! ^^

    Yeah, Chisato is the one with the powerful vocals! Airi is the one with the control!! : ) Yajima... I've never felt that Yajima had powerful vocals... Her voice oes nt soun powerful like Risako's or Chisato's.. Her voice sounds like... her nose is stuffed up... lol. Sorry! xD

  6. I like Miyabi and her voice but I think she's been singing poorly lately, it sounds so weak :(

  7. @ JiririKiteru
    Haha! It's funny you say that... Someone on H!O recently said something similar to what you just said! xD

    But I agree she has been singing with less power than usual lately! She still has great control though.. She just needs to bring back the POWER! lol xD

  8. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog. :) I'm a Miya fan anyway, so I super agree with her having the best control in BK. I actually find it sad (but not disappointing since she would never disappoint me) that she's given less material that would showcase her singing prowess, but it's fine. I believe 2010 is gonna be a great year for her. ^__^ Anyways, back to the post, my second would be Saki (Hai! Hai! I love her second of all!). Most people really do not realize that since, yes, she gets a few lines, but those lines, she really sings them perfectly (I'm being too passionate now so I should stop... haha!). Anyways, great blog! I think I'd be coming back often. :)

  9. you are right,, i love risakos voice, but she doesn't have the control.
    for me chinami in 6th ranking, and maasa 7th, sorry maasa..
    Berryz!! keep improving nee...

    i don;t know much about c-ute, but i think Chisato Okai is a great singer, although airi still at #1 for me.. she really has a great control
    i don't like airi's fans actually, sometimes they are annoying >_<.. but it doesn't mean i don't like airi.

  10. Nice.
    Airi is VERY POPULAR..........

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