Sunday, January 17, 2010

Typesetters? Translators?

Greetings typesetters and translators that read my blog! (I have over 15,000 hits, there must be at least one!) xD

Are you bored? Do you find yourself sitting in front of your computer watching H!P videos, wondering what they mean? Well, do I have an offer for you(And yes, it's free! :p)!

I have a friend who's a translator of 2 H!P fansubbing groups(SimpleSubs and Hello!Fansubs)and she's asked me to personally promote these 2 groups on my blog because they need help!!!

Hello! Fansubs: There's a lot of projects that they are working on that lack translaters & especially typesetters, and because of that some of those projects have been delayed.
So, If your interested in working with them,
go here:

SimpleSubs: As many of you may know, SS is a new group, and they don't have many typesetters or translaters(C'est la Vie is their only translater!).
So, If you wanna join, go here:

All this can be yours! For free! But, they're not paying you for this!... Seriously, they're not. So, don't even think about it... Make sure you at least check the pages out!

I was NOT paid to do this! xD


  1. Woot! Thanx so much! I can just feel the people coming!! xD

  2. ^
    Haha! Riiiiiiiiiiight! xD
    I'm not sure if any typesetters read my blog... I do think translaters do though...