Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buono - Our Songs (FULL PV)

Here's the FULL pv guys!! ENJOY!! ^^
Haha! I think I was the first person to upload Buono's FULL pv for Our Songs on Youtube!! xD

The pv's pretty good! It's definately among some of Buono's best pv's!! and the song is alright too!! ^^
And LOL at Momoko's shirt!! I think it says "Baby i'am sure a bitch!" Haha! That's not very Momo like!! xD
I like Airi's outfit! It suits her very nicely!! ^^ And I love Miya's extentions!! ^^ Momoko OF COURSE looks and sounds the best out of them all!! Momo owns all!! XD


  1. There's a typo in the last sentence. However improbable may typing "M O M O" instead of "A I R I" seem, looks like it sometimes happens :P

  2. @ Kishiko
    Haha! There's no typo!!
    Momoko owns all!! XD

  3. This is the second time Momo has had a swear word on her outfit! xD

  4. Actually, you and Kishiko are both wrong on the typo... you accidently put M"omo". You must of missed some of the buttons (I do all the time). The correct way to spell it is M"iyabi". It's OK! The i,y,a, and b are all close to o and m! ^^

    Please don't be Buono!'s last single!!! T-T

    @NekoNekoOnna: Second? When was the first?