Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poll Results

I did this poll on whether or not you guys liked Airi Suzuki a week or 2 ago, and here are the results:

Yes, I love Airi!: 24
No! She's such a line whore!: 8
Yeah, a little: 12

I hope I'm not the only one who's surprised to see that 8 people picked "No! She's such a line whore!"..... I've always thought that Airi has never had many haters(just like Miyabi Natsuyaki from Berryz) since she's SO talented...
I guess C-ute's SHOCK really did have a NEGATIVE affect on some of C-ute's fans.... Poor Airi... : (

But I'm glad most of the votes went to "Yes, I love Airi!"! : )
Airi is GREAT!!!!!

And VERY sexy! xD


  1. Boo Airi haters! She is not a line hog!! If you have any complaints, go to Itagaki Yuusuke (the arranger for SHOCK! and "Zansho Omimai Moushiagemasu.") or as I like to call him: The-lover-of-Airi-so-much-it-makes-people-hate-her! xD

    But seriously, Airi's awesome! XD I love you Airi!

  2. Now if this weren't a single, I bet people's reactions would be less radical.

    You have probably also noticed that the anti-Airi votes appeared mostly just before the poll closed. So, all the regular readers who visit this blog often, and thereofre voted early, are pro-Airi :D

  3. Hating on Airi is nonsense. They're treating her like a Risako (I mean the antichrist of H!P ROFL). Hey I'm used to Risako bashing but I think Airi fans have never felt the taste of that XD oh poor Airi fans.

  4. @ C'est la Vie
    I agree! If you guys have any complaints go to Itagaki Yuusuke!!

    Airi's A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

  5. @ Kishiko
    Yeah, I believe people probably wouldn't have even cared! But since it's a single they do(sadly enough..)!

    I didn't notice that... I thought some of my regular readers were Airi haters or something(which does not sit well with me...)... I feel a little better knowing that they were Pro-Airi! xD

  6. @ jririkiteru
    LOL. Poor Airi fans?? xD
    I'm not used to see Airi bashed(not like Risako anyways...), sooo... those 8 people who picked Airi is such a line whore, kinda surprised me.. especially since people were starting to pick that more and more towards the end of the poll(it was really scaring me...).