Monday, November 8, 2010

Confessions Part 2

This is gonna be really short XD

1. I actually found H!P (Berryz and C-ute) in late 2007... but I started following them in mid-2008... LOL, from October 2007 - June 2008, I was just a casual fan.. I didn't care about any of the members, just listened to the group because of the music (In July 2008 everything changed though... Momoko became my favorite member of the group and I pretty much went from casual to hardcore *jk jk*) XD
2. When I said I disliked Mai's voice in nearly all the songs she's in, in part one of my confessions... I actually meant that I just disliked her voice in C-ute's concert tours.. I actually like Mai's voice in her solo events (I really liked her Natsu remember you & DESTINY LOVE), I just don't like her voice in C-ute's singles or concerts .. I like Mai's singing more when she's singing solo for some reason? O.O
3. I don't change my favorite members very often (Actually I don't change them at all really)... The only time I've ever changed favorite members would be with Airi and Nakky (Nakky became my fav C-ute member for 2 or 3 months.. but Airi overtook her and has become my fav C-ute member once again xD).
4. The only reason why Captain made it so high into my rankings was because of a "certain fanboy", this fanboy influenced my liking of her (his influence is slowly wearing off on me now though... I'm losing interest in Captain unfortunately...)
5. The reason why I originally created my HPKidsSoloEvents channel (for those of you who don't know.. Yes, that is my channel), was because I wanted to promote Momo's voice more, but I somehow ended up promoting all the members.. How odd.. :P

That's it for now XD


  1. I like Mai´s voice in some ºC-ute songs (everyday yeah kataomoi isn´t nothing without her lol) xD but i agree, i prefer her solo songs

    Momo´s voice don´t need promotion xDDD

  2. ^
    Yay, someone agrees with me!! XD
    I like Mai's voice in Sakura Chirari and Bye Bye Bye... I like her solo event performances so much more though XD

    LOL. xD