Sunday, November 14, 2010

Poll results to my first poll

I've decided to leave my 2nd poll (Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?) up for another week or so.. I'm gonna close my 1st poll today though!! :P

Here are the poll results to my first poll:

Do you think Saki Nakajima should get more lines?

Yes, of course!!: 25 Votes
Nope!!: 11 Votes

I'm glad a majority of the votes went to the "Yes, of course!!".. Very glad :D
LOL. I am a bit surprised at the number of "Nope's" though ( I expected about 4 or 5 "Nopes", not 11 xD).. I'm starting to think that some people on my blog don't like Nakky's voice very much... xD

Nakky has been receiving more lines recently in C-ute's singles (Dance de Bakoon & Aitai Lonely Christmas), so this poll sorta doesn't really count (I just added it because I wanted to see how many people would chose "Yes, of course" and "Nope!!").... Still glad I added it though... xD

(I hope the staff who work for H!P don't see this poll.. They might start thinking Nakky shouldn't get a lot of lines because of the number of people who voted "Nope!!" xD)


  1. well, not everybody have good taste like me xDDDD (joke), i voted yes! of course.

    I think there are enough lines in songs for all members.....the problem is when just 2 or 3 members take all the lines (always) ºC-ute, that is changing and i´m sure that the 3 big underrated girls will improve their voices more and more.

    Nakky did a good work in her 5th solo event

  2. ^
    LOL. xD

    I guess so..... xD
    (Even if Mai does improve her consistency and pitch... I'm pretty sure I still won't like her voice much... It's still a bit too nasally for me (Sorry Mai fans, just being honest :P)... She has her moments though xD)

    Hai, hai! xD