Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poll results

I did a poll 2 weeks ago on who's version of Watarebashi you liked the best, and here are the results:

Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?

Chisato Okai: 28 votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 25 Votes

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 10 votes
None of them! Aya owns all other versions!: 7 Votes

Maimi Yajima: 5 Votes
Yurina Kumai: 2 Votes

Congrats to Chisa, and her fans! She won the poll! :D
Momo was in the lead during the first week, but Chisa took the lead from her during the 2nd week! XD

I'm not surprised to see Chisa & Momo with the most votes, I got the feeling they would have the most. :P
Miyabi coming in 3rd is nice (she was my 3rd choice too), and Maimi with 5 votes is not bad ( I did expect a bit more though admitly), but lol at the 7 votes for "None of them! Aya owns all other versions!", Aya's version does pretty much own all the Kids version of the song, which is why I'm starting to think I shouldn't have included that choice in the poll.. Seems sorta unfair in a way.. She is their senpai.. xD
2 votes for Yurina.. Not bad, not bad! During the first week of the poll she had 0 votes, and because of that I had thought she was gonna end up with 0 votes... Glad I was wrong!! XD

Next poll is gonna be focused on their personalites (I wanna try something different this time)... It's titled "Who has the most entertaining personality from the H!P Kids" (I'm basically asking who's the funniest..), the poll will include all the Kid members (who have not graduated)! Choose wisely!! :D

Poll is up! :D


  1. As i said, for me, this was between Momo and Chissa xD

    seeing that result i guess everybody thought the same lol

  2. ^
    Oh crap... My bad... -____-
    Excuse me for a minute... :P

    @chissa fan
    LOL. Yeah.. xD

  3. Oh, about the poll.......not sure, i know more about ºC-ute, and in ºC_ute is Chissa (for me), but i should check Berryz.

    Momo is funny too, but it´s different (?) lol i don´t know hot to explain it.....or Chinami, i listened she is funny xD

  4. @Chissa fan
    LOL. People are basically just gonna be choosing their favs for the poll (I can tell already), so it doesn't really matter how much you know about Berryz... xD

    The funniest from each group in my opinion are Momoko, Chisato, & Chinami... They always crack me up... XD
    (Surprised to see Chinami with no votes...)

  5. hahaha vote 4 momo-chan again cz shes funny and love her personality haha