Monday, November 8, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Shining Power *Review* (& TWO new polls)

When I first heard this song (which was at school during 3rd period), I hated it... I don't remember exactly why I hated it, but lol... I just hated it.. XDD
I think the song is ok now though... It's grown on me a lot. ^^

The song reminds me a little of Ryuusei Boy (I prefer Ryuusei Boy to this song though :P), and the PV has a few nice scenes too (like the ping pong and hide-and-go-seek moments ^^)! I'll be honestly though, I don't really think the PV suits the outfits too well... The outfits look mature (and the PV not so much XD).. I think the PV should have been darker.. I'd suit the outfits better! XD
*moving on :P* Yurina & Captain look the best in the PV (imo), Momoko, Maasa, & Risako also look pretty good... If Miya lost the headband or belt or whatever the hell that thing is on her head, than I think she'd look so much prettier.. I'm not feeling Chii's look here... I WANT HER LONG HAIR BACK!!! XD

Oh and about Yurina leading this single... Well, I was at first sorta turned off by the fact that she was leading it (Maybe that's why I disliked this song when i first listened to it.. There's a lot of Yurina XD), but now I'm ok with her leading it.. Yurina has never lead a single BY HERSELF before (She lead Waracchaou yo Boyfriend with Momoko... xD), so I think it's fair for her to be given a chance (and it gives us a break from Risako.. -SHOT- XD) ^^
The only complaint I really have with her leading this single is the fact that she's in the center in most of the dance... I may be being extremely biased when I say this, but I kinda wish Momo was center... XD

I don't usually rate singles, but I'll rate this one... I give it a 6.5/10. (I liked that it was more than dance shot and close up this time! ^^) XD


First poll is about Saki Nakajima...
I've noticed that she's sorta being pushed back lately (I mean line-wise), she's the one getting the least amount of lines in C-ute now (used to be Chisato), and I'm curious.. Do you guys think she should be pulled back up and given more lines (some people don't like Nakky's voice nor her singing, so they're not really bothered by her getting the least lines (they're probably over-joyed XD), but I find it sad). Let me know how you guys feel about it by voting on the poll... :D

2nd poll,
It's gonna be another "this girl versus that girl" poll, I got the idea for this poll from Chissaunderrated... This poll is gonna include5 girl's, 2 C-ute members, and 3 Berryz members.. XD

The title of the poll is "Who's version of Watarasebashi do you like better?"
Choices are Maimi, Momoko, Miyabi, Yurina, & Chisato... Vote wisely... ^^
(Miyabi's video is a bit too short.. but I think it can give you guys a good idea on how she pretty much sung the song.. :P)

I ain't
embed-ing the video's this time, click the links below (xD):

Maimi Yajima - Watarasebashi

Momoko Tsugunaga - Watarasebashi

Miyabi Natsuyaki - Watarasebashi
(Skip to 1:06)

Yurina Kumai - Watarasebashi

Chisato Okai - Watarasebashi


  1. 1. Okai
    2. Momo
    3. Yajima
    4. Kumai
    I'm not judging Miyabi based on that.

    By the way, what's with the amount of posts and polls here recently? XD

  2. ^
    LOL. I'll edit and add the 40 second video then (the audio quality is WAAY better on that one.. But it's a bit too short.. XD)

    lol, IDK... I guess I've been re-inspired to post here again.. XD

  3. 1st poll: OF COURSE, everyone should have lines and no1 should have all lines in 1 single (ejem hgjgjjshock!hkjhkh)...solo song ok, but not in singles lol. Nakky isn´t the best singer but she deserves the chance for improve too ^^

    2nd poll: It´s always my fault lol....well....for me this is between Momoko and Chisato.....I´ll choose Chisato but i love all versions (oh, sorry i didn´t like Yurina´s version xD)....(and Aya owns all xD but we can´t compare Ayaya with Kids xD)

    Did you notice Chisato´s version is faster than usual?(i noticed when i mix her version with others lol)

  4. ^
    LOL. Hai! I agree! XD

    I didn't really like Yurina's version much either.. It was a nice try though!! XD
    And yep.. This is really a battle between Momoko & Chisato (Since we don't really have any video's with proper audio for Miyabi xD).. Maimi's version is pretty nice(imo)!! ^^ XD

    Yeah... XD

  5. I'm not a fan of Yurina but I think she did great here o.o Which is strange because I never listen to her solos and if I do I still don't pay any attention to it... But she did pretty good here!!

    1.Momo (It maybe that I'm just totally biased towards her XD)
    2.Chisa(her voice here is good(it's always good)but Momo sings this song so soft and Chisa sings it as if she tries to make it into a normal upbeat H!P song... So I think Momo did better)
    5.Maimi(I don't know why but I didn't like her version...)

  6. ^
    LOL. Really? I'm surprised.. xD
    I'm glad you like Yurina's version though. ^^

    "2.Chisa(her voice here is good(it's always good)but Momo sings this song so soft and Chisa sings it as if she tries to make it into a normal upbeat H!P song... So I think Momo did better)"

    LOL. THAT'S IT. Chisa does sing this song like it's a normal upbeat song.. That's why her version didn't come out as well as I thought it would (Chisa's version is good.. but I KNOW she can do even better).. XD

    "5.Maimi(I don't know why but I didn't like her version...)"

    LOL. Interesting... For me it is the exact opposite... I mean, honestly, when I first heard Maimi's version, I was just OK with it (I didn't dislike it or really like it.. I was indifferent about it).. but after a few more listens, I came to really like it.. Her voice is soft and stable there.. I found it pleasant. xD

    But ya know, opinions, opinions, right? xD

  7. mm...I do actually agrre wid ur point dat momo shud b in the centre cz shes small and hard to see her if shes at the side, and her height feels like its beein blocked away by the other members >.<...And also her dance is way better dan yurina I thnk XD

    and for the poll, it's obviouse lol....guess widout me sayin who people would know who cz im using her picture lol......XD

  8. ^
    I'm glad you agree with me!! And yes, Momo is a better dancer than Kumai-chan!! xD

    Momochii :D

  9. hahaha yh she is haha.......XD....Momo is way way better lol....

    and yup ur ryt lol...its momo lol

    Aaaa!! you always make many interestin polls hahaha XD

  10. hello there! I'm a miya fan and I actually find the hold version of miya's version! (recorded by a fan):
    ^^ miya<3