Sunday, November 14, 2010

C-ute - Aitai Lonely Christmas [Full PV]

So, we've finally got the full PV of C-ute's new single (Thanks to Chisato xD)!!!

There is no dance shot in the PV at all (This is the first time C-ute has not had a dance shot in a PV!! :O), I think it's good that they didn't include a dance shot though (it wouldn't have suited the theme very much if they did xD), there also is not a lot of action in the PV either (there's a lot of different locations and angles, but not too much action.... At some parts the girls just stand there and sing xD), and the house sorta looks weird (I at first thought it was cute when I saw the 30 second CM for the PV, but after I watched the full PV.. it went from cute to weird... The house looks fake... Looks like a doll house or something... xD)... I however, none-the-less enjoyed this PV!! xD
The girls look gorgeous, the line distribution is pretty even (and so is the screen-time surprisingly enough), and just.. lol... It's just great!! (Maimi noticeably does seem to have been pushed back a little for the sake of Chisa, Mai, & Nakky... She doesn't stand out too much here... Not too many lines :P) xD

Chissa did this ranking on his blog, so I decided to do it too:

Voice ranking for Aitai Lonely Christmas:
(Just ranking the girls voices, not singing skills or technique or anything, just their tones...)

1. Chisato Okai:
I was gonna go for Airi, but somehow, Chisa's vibrato ended up winning me over!! xD
Her lines in Lonely Christmas are very nice, the song suits Chisato's voice well :D

2. Airi Suzuki:
I loved Airi's lines, especially the line from 3:47-4:02!! ^_^
I generally liked all her lines here though (unlike Dance de Bakoon, which she sounded odd in 8D)... ^^

3. Saki Nakajima:
Some people dislike Nakky's voice (because it's too high and blah blah blah), and that's sad because I think her tone is like the 3rd best in C-ute (It's nasally, but not nearly as nasally as Mai's.. and she doesn't sound like she's sick like... CoughMaimiCough -SHOT-...
However, Nakky in terms of technique and what not is weakest in C-ute... No lie... Her voice is more pleasant to my ears than Mai's and Maimi's though!! :P)... 8D

4. Mai Hagiwara & Maimi Yajima:
I couldn't pick between them, so I just decided to place them both at no.4.... xD
Mai's voice is less nasally here (which is nice), but still... Not too crazy about it... xD
Maimi... well... She sounds like herself... xD

I'm hoping that this sells well and does great on the oricon charts (I hope it sells a total of like 30,000!! :D), it deserves too!! :D


  1. "and the house sorta looks weird..."

    that's like the only bad thing about the pv!! the house! it looks so creepy!! xD

    and mai should be last on your ranking! maimi's voice is so much nicer to listen to than hers here! :P

  2. i need to watch the video again cos i kept replaying chisa's parts. Loving them. She seem to be getting more promotion this year and i'm glad.

    I agree with your ranking for this song. I, too quite like Nakky's voice, it's sweet and cute and i completely agree with Mai and Maimi comments. Could never really stand Maimi's vocals in majority of C-ute singles/songs. Glad that she had to take a somewhat small back seat in this to Chisa this time. Maybe UFA are trying to Promote lesser known girls to see if that helps with sales figures.

  3. @Cuttie
    Glad we agree on the house!! :D

    LOL. Opinions, opinions.. XD

    LOL. I may be wrong when I say this, but i personally think UFA is SLOWLY trying to push Chisa as a lead with Airi & Maimi xD

    Yay!! Someone else likes Nakky's voice!! xD
    And they probably are... Ever since Campus Life came out, i've noticed they've been pushing the undergirls more... (SHOCK caused this pushing I think.. The low sales of SHOCK :P)

  4. I LOVE NAKKY. I'm glad she got so many lines. IMO she should have gotten more then Mai lol. Chisa sounds perfect as usual too

  5. @HelloRaffi
    Same here, Raffi! I pretty much agree with everything you just said (especially the part about Mai & Chisa 8D) xD

  6. everybody loves rankings xD

    Of course my 1st is Chissa as usual (last year i even couldn´t add her in a single´s ranking voice LOL)...this chance will be fine for her, i´m sure.

    And yes, my rnking is like yours with Nakky 3rd

  7. it seems chissa is the bet in that single ^@^

    by the way im a girl