Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll 5 weeks ago(Damn... I lost track of time.... I haven't posted since May... T_T) on who you guys favorite S/mileage member is, and here are the results:

Yuuka: 9 Votes

Kanon: 17 Votes

Saki: 4 Votes

Dawa: 8 Votes

LOL. To be honest... I'm not surprised at all by the results... :P
The results came out just the way I thought they would. Kanon with the most votes(& Dawa with the 2nd least votes.. :P *hides*)... I'm happy! Kanon is my fav(I would have liked more votes for Ogawa though.. I love her! :P)! :D

Oh and by the way..
I changed my blog layout & my banner! :D I was getting tired of my old layout & banner!! XD
I think this layout is much cuter & I love that my new banner is centered around Buono(I made my blog look so fan-girly! XD)! Credit goes to LunaChama for the banner.. She made it for me!


  1. oohhhh
    finally a new post XD
    and i like the layout even though it looks girly XD
    pink!!! <3

  2. ^
    *Throws Tomatoes at Melisa*
    Yeah... Finally :P

    And I'm sure you already know this, but Pink is Momo's official color.. Soooo... To show that I will always support her... I turn everything in my blog Pink just for her(I perfer Blue :P)! Pink is Momo's color! XD