Friday, July 9, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Maji Bomber *Review* & MOON POWER

LOL. It's pretty standard for an H!P PV... Dance shot & Close up... And it's indoor too! :P
But it's not bad! I like the camera angles, and the "dark" parts at 2:03-2:21 with the girls!
I love when Momo puts her hand in front of the camera trying to block it(that's like the exact oposite of something Momo would do! :P)! :D

Miyabi is looking really nice in this PV! I like her outfit! and the same goes for Yurina(Yuri got a lot of lines here... More than Momo & Miya got! This was unexpected for me! O.O)! I don't really like Risako's outfit too much because I think her shirt's a bit too loose(makes her look kinda chubby.. *runs*), but I'm loving her voice in this! Her voice suits this well(I bet she would sing this pretty well live! :D)! I like Captain's extensions!! She should keep them! Long hair suits her! Chinami... Well, I didn't really like her look when I first saw the covers for this single, but she looks alright in the PV! Her legs look... *noosebleed* Sorry! XD
Maasa was sorta snobbed in this single... She gets 1 line while everyone else gets more... How unfair(I can't say I'm surprised though! XD), but at least she gets to be in the front with Momo & Risako for the dance formation at some parts! LOL, and I can't forget about my Momoko of course, she was adorable with her little cap and her pink & black outfit! She is by far the best thing about this PV(Sorry, Momo biased! XD)!

Overall, I like the PV... It looks pretty cheap when compared to PV's like "Tomodachi wa", but still me likey! XD The PV suits the song well! :D

And here's a little preview of Berryz Koubou's B-side for Maji Bomber, "MOON POWER":

Ok, I'm gonna be completely honest here and say.... I peronally I like this song better than Maji Bomber... LOL. I think I may have weird taste in music or something... I like this song better! :P

I think MOON POWER sounds like it really could be an anime opening(for Sailor moon! :DDD)! I like this song alot(Especially since Captain gets to sing first! :P)! I WANT A FULL PREVIEW NOW! XD


  1. I think they put Risako in loose fitting clothes because she IS the fatest girl in H!P and they want her to lose weight but she won't so their only option is to try to hide the fact that she is fat and make her wear clothes that make her look fat. DON'T BE ASHAMED TO SAY SHE'S A F.A.T.T.Y.

    Yeah, i really like Moon power too. Risako spoils the preview by talking over it. I do feel for maasa but it's really tiny when all i seem to be doing is going crazy because Captain and Chii got got a lot of lines.

    I think Momoworld could have been styled a bit more. It's like they got to her after Risako and they didn't have enough time because they were more worried about trying to hide that Risako is FAT and thought "HOLY CRAP!! HOW COULD WE FORGET MOMOWORLD!!!" and just stuck a hat on her.

    I'm loving Miya's look just becaust she's wearing the union jack and now i really want her to come to london so that i can get her to sign a picture of her wearing that.

    Oh and i'm not hating on Risako. . . . Ok i am but yeah but no but yeah but i just don't care at the moment. A long as her fans don't turn round and start with that racist crap like some of Reina's fans did to me, i don't care.

  2. ^
    LOL. I don't really think Risako's a fatty. I do think she should loose a bit of weight(for her photobooks... Her lastest photobook wasn't too good. Pitcures were unflattering imo! Made her look not too good! :P), but I don't think she's a fatty. XD

    LOL. I was surprised at the amount of lines Captain & Chinami got. I really didn't think they'd actually be given a chance to shine a bit in this single. But I still think Maasa should have been given a chance too... They could have given one of Risako or Yurina's lines to Poor Maasa! :P

    You're absolutely right. :P they should have styled Momo a bit more. Her outfit actually looks like a copy of Dakishimetex2's outfit. Pink & Black. Looks like they recycled her outfit a bit. :P

    LOL. Seriously?? I just liked Miyabi's outfit overall. It looks pretty ON HER. :P

    LOL. Don't worry, I won't bash you for your Risako hate. I was once a Risako hater, so I can understand where you're coming from. I also used to call her fat, and I used to say she couldn't sing too! XD

    Thanks for commenting on my post! :D

  3. Personally..................

    im gunna have to agree on you with everything u posted about here.I kinda like Moon Power a whole lot better than Maji bomber. It has that whole "Warm Anime" feel that u rarely get in an H!P song.

    oh an @Kira, risako is totall fat. and she really needs to loose that weight cus its unflattering. @Clarissa i kinda really liked her risou Photobook, i thought those thighs looked delicious ;)

  4. ^
    So true! And I'm glad you agree with me Kylon! I love anime songs anyways! XD

    And bah.. Sorry I didn't really like her Risou photobook all that much.... I think the photo's were unflattering to her! :P And yeah.. Rii-chan does have some nice thunder thighs! XD

  5. well maasa only got one line but they were longer then sakis and chinamis i think