Sunday, July 11, 2010

C-ute - SHOCKING Live *Solo Corner* *Review*

Everyone got a solo in the SHOCKING live concert tour(How SHOCKINGLY unexpected! :P)!
LOL. I'm not gonna review this whole concert.. Just the solo's(So don't get excited! XD).. :P

First up is Maimi! <3

LOL. And I used to think only Airi & Chisato were capable of singing songs like this well live in C-ute.. I was so wrong! Maimi is capable of it too it seems! XD

I personally think this performance from her was amazing. :P She sounds really tired, but she was good. I think she sings it almost just like the recording(this may just be me being biased towards her).. I wouldn't mind Tsunku giving her songs like this on more of C-ute's albums in the future.. She sings them well(Just remember to give Airi ballad songs too... I prefer ballads for Airi :P). :D

Next is Nakky! :D

Nakky is so cute in that blue dress! I think it suits this performance so well! And her singing has improved a lot too! She sung this a lot better than I thought she would... So, I think she did a pretty good job(especially since I consider Nakky to be the weakest vocally in C-ute! XD)!! I hope she gets another solo in a C-ute concert tour.. But I hope it's something like Meguru Koi no Kisetsu!! :D

The amazing Airi:

She was A.W.E.S.O.M.E, simple as that! I love her singing(although her dancing in this could use a bit of work.. She ain't Maimi.. *hides*), but you know I always usually love Airi's singing in almost everything! She's really good live! :D

The underrated Chisato:

To be honest, I kinda wish Chisa would have sung something else. I really don't like this song all that much... and well... I don't think it showed how vocally talented Chisa is very well.. I wanted Chisa to sing something like this:
Don't get me wrong.. Chisa does do this song justice(really she does), but I don't think it does her justice(I'm picky! XD)... Something more challenging for Chisa next time please? :P


You know.. Mai's haircut makes her look so boyish... Throughout most of this performance I was thinking to myself "Wow... Mai looks so manly"... Sorry! I like her outfit, but OMG that haircut.. XDD I think she's good here though, vocal-wise & dance-wise! :)

The girls all getting solo's makes this concert worth watching!! :D -SHOT-

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