Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Poll: Miyabi Vs Momoko! :D

I was gonna just post about my new poll in my SHOCKING Live review post, but.. LOL. I think it's better to post it separately! XD

Ok, so finally got a new poll up... And it's basically on who you think is the better singer in Berryz(There are only 2 choices, Sorry! :P)... A LOT of fans always say Miyabi is the best and I agree with them on that actually.. But I've noticed recently that more and more fans on these H!P forums are saying that they think Momoko is overall the best singer in Berryz(Range, pitch, etc.).. So ya know.. It's kinda like a Miya Vs Momo thing(It's a very interesting debate to be honest! XD).. I just wanna know who you guys think is the best! I think I already know who most of your votes are gonna go to, but.. I can't help but wanna test to see how it'll turn out! XD So vote wisely, ok? :P

Latest Miyabi solo's:

These are from her solo event:

Latest Momoko solo's:

These are from her solo event:

(Ya know... I don't think the first solo "Cinderella something something" really is all that great.. Momo sounds a lil tired there so.. Ignore that one! XD)

I do hope you guys actually watch those video's.. I worked my damn butt off trying to find those... :P
Let the voting begin! XD


  1. Risako's the best singer in Berryz Koubou!! (biased)

  2. ^
    LOL. I knew you would say that! XD

  3. @NekoNekoOnna-chan
    LOL. Ya know...
    On the "Top-5 H!P Kids singers" thread I made on Hello!Online Risako gets put into the top 5 very often!! More people are acknowledging Risako's vocal talents! :)

  4. Voted for Miyabi :D

    1) I'm biased.
    2) I'm biased because I always thought that she was the best singer in Berryz, which was the #1 reason for me to notice her :)
    3) Momoko has improved a lot, but I think her vocal quality still can't match to Miya's. 2nd best,IMO

  5. What if I think that Miya kinda is a better singer than Momo but I like Momoko's voice more because it's low and I like low voices more than very high voices. So for which one should I vote? For the one that I think is a better singer but I don't really like her voice or for the one that I like the voice but don't think that she's a better singer than the other one...?

  6. @Keksi*Choc
    LOL. I'm not surpised to hear you voted for Miya and not surprised at your reasons either. XDD

    WOW!!! That's almost like the exact opposite of what I think of Momo & Miya's voice's & singing overall.. I think Miya's voice is deeper than Momo's... Momo's voice is the highest pitched out of Berryz(it's been said a thousand times.. and some people hate her singing because her voice is so high.. -_-).. I'm surprised you think Momo's voice is deeper than Miyabi's... I don't.. o.o

    But my answer to your question would be: Vote for Miyabi than. This poll is asking who's singing is the best(control, pitch, range). Not who's vocal tone is nicer to listen to. XD