Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poll Results

I did a poll last week on who you guys think is the best Berryz singer, and here are the results:

Miyabi Natsuyaki: 25 Votes
Momoko Tsugunaga: 26 Votes

You know, it was REALLY close between these 2 during the last 2 days of this poll.
At the beginning of the poll Momo was DOMINATING(I've got lots of Momo fans on this blog, don't I?), but in the middle of the poll, I noticed Miyabi started catching up to Momo... a lot. And LOL, like the day before the poll was over Miyabi had more votes than Momo, but the next day(the day when the poll closed! :P) they had an equal amount of votes! And I didn't want equal votes, I wanted one of them to win, so I let the poll stay open a few more hours and got like 3 more votes(I think? XD)... 2 of them went to Momo & 1 to Miya it seems! XD

I think Miyabi & Momoko are both good vocalist! :D But I kinda prefer Miya's voice a bit more to Momo's though because it's soft & soothing(Momo's voice can be a bit on the "rough" side when she goes for her mature voice! XD). But I still like Momo's voice too! Momo's pretty good at changing her voice to suit different types of songs, & even though she has this really high pitched idol-like voice(sometimes she does, but other times she doesn't... I notice she's going more & more for her mature voice), Momo is surprisingly(along with Miyabi) really consistent in live concerts. She controls her voice rather well(If I do say so myself). I don't think there has ever been a time where Momo has sounded noticeably REALLY bad(I think the same can be said for Miyabeam too, right?! xD)! :)

LOL. My friend thinks I cheated my poll(I didn't cheat it, you guys! I swear! xDD), Sooo.... I may re-do this poll(to prove to him I didn't cheat my poll). If you guys want me to re-do this poll... Leave me a comment in the comment area below or in my Chatbox(Spambox), ok? XD

This is just the results to part 1 of the "Who is the best Berryz singer" poll! :P


  1. MEHH!! I wanted Miya to win!! MIYABI!! But I love MOmo too :D

  2. ^
    LOL. She only lost by ONE vote. XD