Thursday, December 2, 2010

Poll Results & some good news

Last week I did a poll on the H!P Kids asking who you guys thought had the most entertaining personality and here are the results:

Momoko Tsugunaga: 18 votes
Chisato Okai: 15 votes
Airi Suzuki: 10 votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 7 votes
Mai Hagiwara: 4 votes
Saki Nakajima: 4 votes
Chinami Tokunaga: 3 votes
Maimi Yajima: 1 vote
Risako Sugaya: 1 vote
Saki Shimizu: 0 votes
Maasa Sudou: 0 votes
Yurina Kumai: 0 votes

Congrats to Momoko!! She won!! (Why am I not surprised? xD) xD

LOL. Isn't it funny, both Momoko and Chisato get the most votes again (they got the most votes in the last poll too)... Looks like I've got lot of Momo and Chisato fans reading my blog, huh? XD

Airi comes in 3rd with 10 votes (not bad... :D), Miyabi 4th with 7 votes (lol, Miya fans), Mai & Nakky tie for 5th place with 4 votes (I've got some Mai fans on this blog, and I already know who one of the voters for Nakky is XD)... Chinami in 6th place with 3 votes (One of those votes are mine... Not many people were picking her, so I gave her an extra vote... Where's the Chii love, I wonder?)... and... the rest is just... lol.... Where are the Maimi fans... Where are the Risako fans?? I understand Saki, Maasa, and Yurina not getting votes (their not that pushed in Berryz, although Captain does have a lot of foreign fans), but not Maimi & Risako... their lead singers XD

I'm gonna try to post more about Risako and Maimi... I wanna attract more of their fans xD

~Oh and the good news is~

Buono's releasing a new single on February 2, 2011!! It's been confirmed and everything... They really are back this time everyone... XD
Their not releasing it under Pony Canyon btw.. It's gonna be released under Zetima (which could possibly mean a new style for Buono!... -___-)... I'm still happy though!! Buono's back and that's all that matters to me right now!! :)

Oh and I'm putting up a new poll today, you guys... it's gonna be on Buono!!(XD)... It's titled "Who do you think is going to be in the center for Buono!'s 11th single?" :D
LOL. Everyone's always discussing this topic when it comes to Buono! (because they switch centers a lot)... so, yeah... Please vote, and vote wisely...

(Sorry this post is sorta... half-done... I'm in a hurry... xD)


  1. ah Momo won yeah, i was between Chissa, Momo and Chinami so it´s ok xD, despite i finally voted Chissa because i know her better (i´m so predictable xD).

    For your new poll....i´m not buono fan but i think Momoko should be the center (just saying who is my favourite xD)

  2. In the first poll I voted for Momo(I'm a HUGE fan of her^^)but in the second poll I voted for Airi... I feel bad for not voting for Momo but I just don't think that she's going to be in the lead... I think that because Airi is getting a push back in C-ute their going to make her conquer Buono! by pushing her in the front... After all she is the least popular member in Buono! (at least in my mind xD)

  3. I voted for Maimai in the old poll, since I expected her to have a low result :P

    In the new poll -
    Momo is the one I want to be center,
    Miyabi is the one that should be center,
    Airi is the one that I don't want to see.
    (voted for Miyabi)

    I'm sure will hate a new style for Buono. Because it cannot possibly be better.

  4. Zetima = C-ute and Morning Musume sound (scared)

    And lol who cares who i think will be in the center, tsunku will just prove me wrong -_- ;

  5. "(I've got some Mai fans on this blog, and I already know who one of the voters for Nakky is XD)"
    lol and that's me right? :P
    I voted for Chisato x)

    oh and I voted Miya for this poll hehe

  6. @Chissa fan
    LOL. I want Momo to be center too, but I don't think she is gonna be (I get this feeling XD), I wish though XD

    LOL. I didn't mean lead the single, I just meant BE IN THE CENTER (of the dance, and the covers and what not).. you don't have to lead a single in order to be in the center.. Momoko was in the center in Lotta Love (and in Berryz's Dakishimetex2, Maji Bomber, and Rysuuei boy which she wasn't not leading vocally), and Airi was the one with the most lines... XD

    And Airi is probably the most popular member in Buono... Momo is probably the least (Momo or Miyabi xD) XD

    LOL. xD

    I think Airi is going to be center (I'm getting this feeling :P). She is the most popular and they usually put the most popular in the center (UFA does, I mean.. :P).. XD

    I like C-ute's songs, and MM's too sometimes XD

    Yeah... Which is why I'm not gonna get my hopes up hoping for Momo... XD

    LOL. I was so sure that you were one of the fans who voted for Nakky... Wonder who all voted for her... :P

    It is technically Miyabi's turn to be in the center, but since this is UFA making the decisions and NOT Pony Canyon, don't be surprised if she's not... I get a feeling it's gonna be Airi. xD

  7. ^
    haha I know XD
    oh well...I hope it will be a good single <3

  8. I want Momoko to be in the center!!
    Momo is the leader, and she balances out the heights!! :D

    I want either Momoko or Miyabi to be in the center.
    (I voted for Momo for the new poll)

  9. I think all 3 will have a turn in the middle so I'm not sure, but if it has to be one main one maybe it's momo cz shes the leader......

  10. Buono! is back?!?!?! *is overjoyed* YAY!!! *jumps around excitedly* Buono! is my favorite group... ;u;

    Hm...Momo might be the center because she's the leader...but I don't know. Lol.

  11. @Cuttie
    Same here. :D

    LOL. yeah.. every 3 singles.. That's how many times Buono switches center, I hear xD

    2Yuki Suishou
    Yep!! xD

    I hope :D

  12. Hahahaha nt really, Momo has 4 (Gachinkou de ikou, Rottara rottara, Co.No.Michi and My Boy)lol....Miya 3, Momo 4 and Airi 3 hahaha XD