Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ai Takahashi to graduate from Morning Musume & Hello!Project, Fall 2011

It's true you guys, Ai-chan (MM's current leader) is graduating from Morning Musume AND Hello!Project, Fall 2011 (this year).

Announcement on H!P's official website

(Pics from Tsunku's twitter of Ai-chan's announcement):

I'm personally not all that sad about this, because she's been in MM for 10 years (that's a damn long time), which is longer than anyone has ever lasted in MM, and well, because she ain't one of my favs (She's always come off to me as a bit.. boring? *Don't hate me Ai-chan fans* xD)... but I am sad that her graduation is kinda gonna leave MM (and Hello!Project) vocal-wise, a bit weak... MM only has 2 singers now in the group currently that I consider to be good or really great singers (Reina, and to a certain extend, Gaki), the others are well, not so good (I'm not sure about the 9th gen members yet, from what I've heard so far, they seem like nothing special (They're a bit better than Sayu, but that's not much of an accomplishment since Sayu's vocals are known to be pretty bad :P), they could grow to be quite good though given time and practice). I'm thinking Reina is going take Ai-chan's position as the main vocalist of MM, and as MM & Hello! Project's best singer (someone has to fill the position!! xD), either Reina or Gaki. :P

Morning Musume's popularity, is definitely going to drop, MM losing their most popular and well known member is just not good (even if it is time for her to graduate), Ai-chan is the most popular & well known member of Hello! Project too, so her graduation is going to negatively effect H!P a bit as well (I'm starting to think graduating Ai-chan this year was a bad move... i think she needs a bit more time... XD). :P

I hope Ai-chan goes solo, after she leaves H!P and MM, because I think she could be successful (If UFA doesn't give her all ballads and promotes her correctly, that is), since she's definitely got the looks, and the talent, she could work on her personality a little, but I think her looks and talent sort of overshadow that part of her :)

I wish Ai the best of luck though on whatever she decides to do after MM ^^

I've got a new poll up today (Don't worry I'm gonna post the poll results to my last 3 polls later on today), I sort of got my new poll idea from Ai-chan (since she's graduating, I'm wondering who's going to take her place as the best singer of H!P (Tsunku, and even Aya Matsuura, have stated Ai is the best singer, so please don't argue with me over that topic.. :P)), the poll is asking everyone who they think the TOP 10 best singers of H!P are (Yes, we're continuing this topic about vocals), I've included everyone in the poll except Ai-chan (because she's graduating, and because I know she would own the poll if I put her in it! xD), and the 9th gen members (because we haven't heard enough of them to really judge them yet :P), you can choose a total of 10 members (makes sense, right?), so please choose 10 (or at least close to 10! XD)... And ummmm... yeah, so vote wisely.
Gotta go, bye bye! XD


  1. I don't think anyone from Morning Musume can replace Takahashi Ai's vocals, Ai was in a league of her own, no one in current H!P can touch her.

    Reina has the best consistency out of Morning Musume (if we're not counting Takahashi Ai that is), but her voice can be so annoying sometimes, Niigaki (my fav) has the strongest voice (Like I said, if we're not counting Takahahi Ai), but her consistency is not as great as Reina's, and Aika is not a bad singer, she's pretty decent (she's better than Sayu & 9th gen! :P)! XD

    @Your new poll

    I know who my top 5 vocals are, but... 10?? This is going to be quite difficult hard! xD
    Here goes (I'm trying to put them in order of skill, no personal taste or biased-ness in my ranking at all):
    1. Reina, 2. Airi, 3. Gaki, 4. Momoko, 5. Miyabi, 6. Yuu, 7. Maimi, 8. Yuuka, 9. Yurina, 10. Kanon (My top 10)

    Mai is 11th (I wanted to include her, but Kanon sort of pushed her out).

    This is my ranking without Ai, Linlin, & Eri (They would have made a bit of an impact to my ranking if they were in it)

    Who are your top 10, Angel?

  2. @ShyCuttie
    True. :P

    I agree with this (Reina = Control & Technique, Gaki = Better voice quality & Power), and I never said Aika was a bad singer, I just don't think she's a great singer, she's decent at best. :P


    Where is Chisato?? :P
    Why do you and Kylon keep ignoring Chisato's vocal abilities?? Do you guys think she is THAT bad of a singer? XD

    And my top 10 (In no particular order):
    Gaki, Reina, Miyabi, Momoko, Airi, Chisato, Maimi, Yuuka, Kanon, & Yuu... :P

    I wanted to add Yurina, Risako, Captain, & S/mileage's, Saki Ogawa, to my top 10 too, but in the end I choose 4 other members over them (Ain't telling you which member I choose over which) :P

  3. Noo, Ai chan....i´m not huge Ai-chan´s fan but i love her voice

    About your poll (not in order, but you know who is my 1st lol):

    Chisato, Airi, Reina, Risako, Sakitty, Maimi, Miyabi, Momoko, Kikka and Kanon

    If Ai leaves, Chissa would become the most perfect voice in H!P for me ^^

  4. don't wanna talk about the graduation but...

    idk what to choose for the Top 10 singers x3
    need to think XP
    except some of them i don't have to :P

  5. Hello Project shouldn't be dependent on one talent. This will force them to push the talent they have now or to find new talent. Hello Project has been in this vice for awhile now and they need to either sink or swim. If they really depend on Takahashi that much for sales and popularity then they are overdue to end. I don't understand why huge Morning Musume fans are so pessimistic about the future without Takahashi.

  6. @THE Chissa fan
    Same here, I'm definitely not much of an Ai-chan fan, but I do love her voice. XD

    LOL. Not surprised at your top 10.

    When Ai-chan leaves Airi will become best vocalist in H!P for me :P

    I understand how you feel (even if I don't care much for MM). XD

    I knew who my top 7 were.. the rest I had a hard time picking!! XD

    (Reina, Airi, Momoko, Miyabi, Chisato, Maimi, & Yuu were definitely gonna get included in my top 10, that's for sure.. It took me awhile to pick the others though xD)

    I wasn't trying to say Hello! Project or Morning Musume is doomed or anything, I'm just saying that, their popularity is going to drop a little, Takahashi Ai was a key player in H!P, so it's only natural for H!P to lose some fans because of her departure.

  7. Shocked.

    True that no one can replace Ai's vocals in MM, but i do think that this 9th gen has potential especially Sayashi Riho. That audition was, to me, more based on trying to replace the talent that Eri and Linlin had held in the group.

    As for the poll, True that Reina is consistant but her vocals are pretty annoying and it seams that she's been getting worse than better (i prefer her vocals when Koha joined compared to now).

    My Top 10 are
    1. Momoko - she she has THE most consistant vocals next to Ai.
    2. Airi - again she's consistant but Momo does better and doesn't annoy me as much as she does
    3. Risa - She just needs as many lines as Reina
    4. Chisato - Her vocals are getting better and better the more lines she gains
    5. Miyabi - Just as with Airi and Momo, she is consistant but it really depends on the type of songs she sings
    6. Captian - even tho she only gets like 1 line per single, i feel that she is underrated as a vocalist
    7. Risako - she's improving
    8. Kanon - Has the best vocals in S/mileage
    9. Saki - has the second best vocals in S/mileage
    10. Yuu - between her audition to her becoming a member of Milkyway, you could see that she had improved to a point that was better than Aika at that point, than to now, she is the poster child for the training that the eggs get and i can't wait to see how UFA promote her.

  8. why AI-CHAN(as reina say it)
    i would feel better if he said mm will break up(kidding)
    ai had the best vocal in the group so if she is graduating s\he should make her solo "anyone better than mano"
    for may ranking my 1st and 2nd are known(cuz i
    always say they r my best)

    chisato-miyabi-nakky-risa-reina-yuu-saki ogawa-momoko--maimi


    First Yossie then Erika Now this...... forget H!P.......

  10. ^
    Just stick to Berryz and C-ute now only.. I guarantee you they won't be graduating any of their members for a long time... Berryz & C-ute don't work the same way MM works (which is why I can't exactly get into MM, the graduating and replacing members thing is a turn off to me).

  11. Bur Morning Musume songs are my favorite >_> You just can't REPLACE idols </3 ....

  12. you guys really hate sayu that much? my goodness, when she graduates its not gonna effect no one at all... :(

  13. ^
    I don't hate Sayu, I quite like her actually... I don't really think she's a particularly good singer though, sorry... XD

    Sayu easily has the most entertaining personality in Morning Musume, she's always fun to watch.. :)