Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Promoting other polls?? :P

I noticed some of my friends polls don't get all that many votes... So, uhhh... yeah... I decided to show some support, and help out a little... :P

I hope you guys don't mind voting on 3 polls (of course you don't *looks at my 3 current polls* xD)?? They're all H!P Kid related btw! xD

First one of course is Cuttie's poll, she used my poll ideas for her first poll (I feel honored! ^^), check it out: Which version of Hare Ame Nochi Suki is the best?

The next 2 polls are by MC. Chissa yeah, one is about Buono, and the other is about C-ute's new single!! XD
Who's the best Buono member(s)?
What do you think of C-ute's new single?

For those of you who don't know.. The correct answer for poll #1 is NatsuMomoCHU (Miyabi and Momoko)... -SHOT- XD


  1. Thank you so much for this!! ^^
    But the correct answer is Nakki & Momo, not Miya & Momo. NatsuMomoCHU falls in comparison to NakaMomoCHU! =P

  2. thank you
    ipicked natsukky (miya/nakky) for cuttie poll.

  3. I got the correct answer xD