Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Blog Layout

LOL. I changed my blog layout a bit (Don't worry, the polls are still up and everything.. xD) too make it better... XD
I added a left sidebar (so, now everything doesn't look so packed together!! xD)

What do you guys think of my new layout... Does it look bad?? Is it too pink (my last one was pink too), is it blinding (I don't think so =P), is it just plain ugly? :P

Oh, and... uhhhh... Can someone make me a new Buono! banner?? I don't know how to make banners *is a noob*... XD

Check this video out, you guys...
Buono's HAPPY LOVE SONG with english and romaji subtitles!! :D


  1. i really REALLY love the layout, reminds my of a layout i love (looks away as she admires her blog layout)

  2. O.O your layout blinded me O.O
    just kidding i like it more the last one

  3. It's a change for the better. There'll be less scrolling, too.

    Voted in one poll so far.. >.<

  4. CIA likes it lol

    I was used to the old layout but this is better (imo) xD

  5. i love your new blog layout <333