Saturday, January 29, 2011

Poll results to my 3 old polls

LOL. I forgot to post the poll results to these 3 polls (fail)... XD
I did 3 polls about a month ago (for those of you who didn't know), it was basically just asking you guys whose version of a certain song you thought was best.. xD
Well, here are the results to those 3 polls:

(Starting with Momoiro Kataomoi first):

Who sung ♥Momoiro Kataomoi♥ the best?

Momoko Tsugunaga: 33 votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 22 votes
Maimi Yajima: 10 votes
Mano Erina: 8 votes
Chinami Tokunaga: 7 votes

Winner of the Poll: Momoko Tsugunaga

Total number of votes: 80

My thoughts on the poll results:

Not surprised at all... I sort of knew Momoko was gonna win the poll (Miyabi did put up a good fight though.. ^^)... I am a bit surprised to see ManoEri above Chinami though.. I thought everyone (except ManoEri fans) disliked ManoEri's version of MK... XD

(Moving on to the 2nd poll)

Who sung Koi no Jubaku the best?
Chisato Okai: 27 votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 20 votes

Maasa Sudou: 9 votes

Winner of the poll: Chisato Okai

Total number of votes: 56

My thoughts on the poll results:

All 3 versions were great.. So, it really didn't matter who won (imo), I'll admit though, I am surprised to see that Chisato won, since I was kind of expecting Miyabi to win, but congrats to Chisato and her fans though ^^

(Last poll)

Who sung Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba the best?

Risako Sugaya: 20 votes

Airi Suzuki: 20 votes
Maimi Yajima: 12 votes

Winner of the poll: Risako Sugaya AND Airi Suzuki (it was a tie)

Total number of votes: 52

My thoughts on the poll results:

Hmmmm... Maybe I should have left the poll open a while longer.. I was hoping one of the members would win the poll, not tie (LOL. I guess everyone was having a hard time choosing between Airi and Risako... xD), It's ok though... Ties are not bad. xD
(Maimi did pretty good in this poll btw, there's not much of a gap between her and the other 2 members! :D)

-moving on-

I'm gonna add another poll to my sidebar, it's going to be about Chisato, and only Chisato!
There seems to be a lot of... dislike towards Chisa and her promotion recently...
I wanna see how many of my blog readers are feeling negative about Chisato and her promotion (I know 2 of my friends are being a bit negative about it! XD).. xD

Oh, and btw, don't worry, I'm not ending my "Top 10 vocals of H!P" poll yet...
I'm actually keeping that poll open for a very LONG TIME (I'm going to close it eventually, but it definitely won't be this month)... XD
I'm closing my Chisato poll in a week though, so hurry and vote. :)


I found a subbed video of Airi's Remember You.. xD
Airi's voice sounds a little different here (but in a good way)! :D


  1. I think all my votes won the polls xD (i don´t remember who i voted in "kokuhaku...." Risako or Airi...i guess Airi xD)....

    About Chissa´s poll, of course she deserves it and i feel great......she has haters of course (jealousy i guess xD) but in Japan is Chissa´s time....

    I want more Mai/Nakky´s promotion too (of course, i´m ºC-ute fan 1st), but it´s better to make the balance with Airi/Maimi...not Chissa, it´s not even passed 1 year since she is being promoted LOL

  2. @THE Chissa fan
    LOL. I think all my choices for each poll won too! xD

    My opinion about the Chissa haters (or dislikers) thing:

    I personally think it's only natural that Chisato get haters (or dislikers) because of all the promotion she's getting... You know, a lot of the girls who already get a majority of the spotlight/or promotion in their respective groups (i.e. Risako, Airi, Miyabi, Maimi, Momoko, & Yurina) have haters as well (the most haters of all the H!P Kids actually), So, yeah, it's only natural for Chisa to get haters (especially since she's being pushed straight up to the front with Airi & Maimi)...
    I actually think IT'S GOOD THAT SHE'S GETTING HATERS, it means more people are taking notice of her, haters are a good sign. xD

  3. Lol Clarissa...if it's anything with you, you ALWAYS remember to post your poll results XDD way to be Consecutive with ur blog posts (...unlike me XD)

    @CIA and Clarissa Obviously anyone who is going to get mega promotion, there are always gonna be some haters (Justin Bieber, Risako, ect.) Haters gonna hate, cus quite honest. They are just jealous.

    I dont HATE chisato necessarily, but i think she's let this new found fame get to her head, like i see here as Cocky now (MaiMai's old role) and it's really bad to see...

  4. @foreverlove!~: I know xD haters are just that, a good signal but if they hate Chissa because the promotion.....How much must they hate Airi or Maimi, Risako, Ai....?....i´m afraid about the amount of "hate" of those people xDDD

    Ey Kylon, Chissa hasn´t changed xD she is still the old Chissa, the change is in her looks (more femenine), she still makes me laugh xD

  5. @Kylon

    LOL. It just comes to me naturally.. I always remember (This is the only time I didn't :P) xD

    LOLOL, I know, I know.. xD

    Cocky?? I really don't undersand why you think Chisa's gotten cocky (I think she's just gotten more competitive & confident)... What exactly has Chisa done recently that has come off to you as cocky?? :O

    @THE Chissa fan

    "haters are just that, a good signal but if they hate Chissa because the promotion.....How much must they hate Airi or Maimi, Risako, Ai....?"

    LOL. Maimi doesn't have many haters (Seriously.. She doesn't.. We have people hating on her voice sometimes, but other-wise than that.. She really doesn't have many haters)... Risako though is a hate magnet!! xD
    I think she gets the most hate out of all the H!P members... She gets hated on, on blogs.. Forums, Youtube.. Pretty much everywhere!! xD
    Airi didn't have all that many haters before SHOCK arrived (she had a few, but not nearly as much as Risako..), after SHOCK, everything went downhill for Airi (hater-wise), she was getting bashed so badly when SHOCK was released (I remember some of those horrible comments people would say about her! :P). xD

  6. I want every member in C-ute to be promoted so it will be balanced :P

  7. @THE Momo fan (xD): I really don´t know about each girl´s haters xD....i was saying that for those people who hate/dislike Chissa because the promotion

    Someone who says "i hate Chissa because she is getting promotion"...for me that person is saying me that he/she hates Airi, maimi, Risako, Ai, Reina, Yuuka,,...and others popular girls who usually takes all the promotion xD

    Anyways, There are always more lovers than haters so np xD

  8. What Melisa Said. And well i see her confidence as Cocky i dunno why? I just don't want people t think i hate her is all :P

  9. yaaay the ones i picked won

    about the poll im happy that chisa is getting promo she deserve it
    "I think all of this Chisato promotion is so annoying" 36 PPL CHOSE THIS
    how can it be annoying if there is anything bothering its risako.XD