Monday, January 24, 2011

Buono - Zassou no Uta (PV)

Buono - Zassou no Uta (PV):

Finally, we get the full PV of Buono's new single (About damn time, what the hell took them so long! :P), we apparently aren't going to get a dance shot version for the single, but we do get some nice close ups, and some lil cute car scene moments for the PV (lol, that makes up for it, right? rofl xD).. XD


The PV in my opinion, is not one of their bests, I've seen better PV's from them (*is being unbiased*), but I definitely don't think it's one of their worsts (I think it's better than Lotta Love/Rottara Rottara,, & Our songs), the PV is pretty good actually (Especially since it wasn't made under Pony canyon! xD), the only thing I don't really like about the PV is Miyabi's hair in the car scenes... It's a big no-no for me.. It reminds me of one of Tsuji's hairstyle's, lol -shot-.. XD

(Momoko was a miss with me at first, because I didn't like her hairstyle or her outfit when I saw the profile pics for the single (I thought her hairstyle looked too... spiky at the ends (is that the correct word to be using? xD), and I thought her outfit looked too different from Airi & Miyabi's), but looking at her hair and outfit in the PV now, makes me like it a lot more.....
lol, why does Momo look much better in the PV than she does in the profile pics to me?!?! XD)

Airi just looks great, she in my opinion looks the best, I've got nothing negative to say about her outfit or her hair, Airi looks cute (imo)! :D


The girls vocals were great (That's the 2nd thing I noticed, their vocals! :D), their outfits were pretty good too, and yeah, Buono's just great (read it and weep)! ^^

I personally would rate the PV and song, a 7.5/10, since the song is pretty good (nothing out of the ordinary though), and the PV is like I said is pretty good too (but not one of their bests). xD
So, yeah, 7.5/10! :D
-moving on-

Let's hope this sells well, you guys, I want to see more Buono! in the future (If you can, please go and buy the single for Buono!'s sake!)!! ;)

LOL. There's foreigners in the video (I didn't notice them at first, because I was too busy staring at Buono! xD), I see a little black boy playing the drums!! XD


  1. miya puffs were so cute
    airi in center cant say im socked since she is center of anything she's in .

  2. ^
    Lol, am I the only one who doesn't like Miya's 2 bun hairstyle?? It looks so weird! xD
    LOL. Momoko's in the center a lot during the car scene moments.. Airi's just center during the band moments, so it's not so bad! xD

  3. I like Miya hairstyle!! (the one with the red outfit)....she looks ...funny XD so cute Miya

    lol Airi´s cuteness....nothing new right? xD but she can´t beat Momo in that lol

    I like the song.....i don´t follow the group but i liked the song XD