Sunday, January 2, 2011


I just heard, just now (and it was thanks to C'est la Vie), I've seen some people mention it... but I thought... I thought they were just joking!! XD
I didn't really believe them, because well... H!P always ignores girls like her... Girls with talent... XD

I'm happy for her though, very happy, Yuu is my favorite ex-H!P Egg... I've been her fan ever since I watched this video (Yuu is the one in red, she's the one who sounds similar to Miki Fujimoto, for those of you who don't know her!! XD):

Apparently this song is an original (made just for her):

(LOL. It's a ballad... but I like what I hear so far... :D)


  1. Great isn't it? H!P is finally getting a soloist that actually has a great voice.

  2. She is great, after Momusu´s 8th audition she has been working hard and now she has what she deserves

    I hope she gets a huge fanbase for make this possible

    I was happy when Noto Arisa became solo artist and she wasn´t my fav so with Kikka i´m excited (she is in my top 5 egg xD)

  3. @Kira: That hurt me T-T She's improving!
    I will makeyou a Mano fan someday Kira! XD

    And maybe I should inform more often! XD

  4. lol your always the ast to find out about info YES she is going solo :P

  5. @Kira
    ManoEri fans are gonna kill you... XD

    @THE chissa fan
    I hope so too! :P

    @C'est la Vie
    Lolz... How many foreign Mano fans are there anyways... I don't see amny!! XD

    Shut up, Kylon!! XD

  6. I like her voice, probably because I adore Miki Fujimoto's. The one thing that bugs me is her facial expressions. To me they seem off, either they don't match her voice or it seems fake.

  7. @ForeverLove: Well, Mano went to America, so there must be SOME!! XD

  8. Mano >>> Kikka (Fish face) :P :D

  9. ALL: Please don't ridiculing or insulting each other. Mano-chan and Kikka-chan, both are have their own strength. We hope they both could compete fairly.. right? :)
    *i'm sorry if my english not good.. -_-