Friday, December 31, 2010

3 New Polls

Yeah.. I changed my mind again.. I don't wanna do an Airi vs Miyabi poll, I'm doing another vocal poll (I wasn't getting nearly as many votes as I usually do when I start a poll on my AiriMiya poll, and I kinda don't find it as a poll all that interesting :P), so yeah, vocal polls here we come!! :P

I know what you're thinking... 3 polls is way too much... but.. I don't really think so... (I have an H!P friend who does 5 polls at a time, so :P)... It's really only 1 more poll than what I've been doing lately.. (It's gonna be hard to fit all of those polls at the side though xD) :P

Ok, the first poll is gonna be on 3 members, can you guess who they are?
They are Maimi, Risako, and Airi... My poll is asking you who you think sung Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba the best... :P

(In order of age)

Maimi Yajima's Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba:

Risako Sugaya's Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba:

Airi Suzuki's Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba:

2nd poll will be on 5 members (was gonna be 4, but changed my mind), the poll is asking you who you think sung Momoiro Kataomoi the best!! Maimi, Momoko, Chinami, & Miyabi are the only H!P kid members who have sung this song solo, so of course this poll is gonna be between them.. Oh and... Mano Erina (I added Mano Erina in the poll at the last minute just for the hell of it... she sung the song solo too). xD

(Going in order of age)

Mano Erina's Momoiro Kataomoi:

Maimi Yajima's Momoiro Kataomoi:

Momoko Tsugunaga's Momoiro Kataomoi:

Chinami Tokunaga's Momoiro Kataomoi:

Miyabi Natsuyaki's Momoiro Kataomoi:

3rd poll (last poll) is going to be on 3 members (we're back to 3), and it's asking you who you think sung Koi no Jubaku the best... Can you guess who the members that have sung the song solo are?? Miyabi, Chisato, & Maasa are the only H!P Kid members to sing this solo!!
So, this poll is gonna be focused around them of course :P

(In order of age)

Maasa Sudou's Koi no Jubaku:

Miyabi Natsuyaki's Koi no Jubaku:

Chisato Okai's Koi no Jubaku:

Hahaha... Miyabi and Maimi are in 2 of my polls! xD

LOL. VOTE WISELY YOU GUYS! The polls are open for 2 weeks (and you can choose 2 members on one of the polls... Ain't telling you which one, you gotta find out yourself).... xD

Please remember to vote on ALL of the polls... Thank you ^^

(And as for the results to the Airi vs Miyabi poll... Uhhh.. Miyabi won.. Miyabi had 5 votes and Airi 4.... Not much of an accomplishment with that amount of votes... but yay Miyabi still, I guess? :P)


  1. oh I have to watch all these videos to choose who did I like the best XD

  2. ^
    Hahaha! Suffer!! WATCH THEM ALL!! (If you've already seen these than you don't have to suffer... I know chissa fanboy (Chissaunderrated) has seen some of these video's definitely.. I think he's seen all of them actually) XD

  3. ^
    oh watever, I just hear few parts and then voted XD and I've seen some of them :P
    not telling you who I voted :P
    except with Chisa biased, i chose Chisa for the 3rd poll xD

  4. I´ve seen them yes ¬¬ xD (i don´t miss solo events xD....and i´ve seen the more than 1 time lol)

    1st Poll: Despite i know Airi will win this (lol, she even would win a poll called "who is the taller member in H!P" against Yurina xD), i think i like Maimi´s version more

    2nd poll: Momoko and Miyabi for me but i voted Momoko because i didn´t know i could choose more ><.....i was fast xD (so 1 vote extra for Miya please lol)

    3rd poll: xDDD Chisato, 3 great versions anyways but i like Chissa´s version more (), specially 2nd part of the song

  5. Koi no Juabku
    im lost between chisato&miya so i wont vote
    on the other 2 i voted maimi and miyabi

  6. For Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba: Suzuki Airi
    For Momoiro Kataomoi: Momoko Tsugunaga
    And for Koi no Jubaku: im stuck between Chissa and Miyabi! But if i have to go someone its Miyabi!