Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 New Polls

LOL. I'm sorry that my blog was inactive for a few days (ran out of idea's :P).... I've got a new poll going now though... It's going back to vocals (That's what I usually get the most votes on anyways, so gotta keep that topic going xD)... I got the idea for my new poll from MC Chissa's blog.

The 2 new polls are titled "Who are the best singers of Berryz Koubou?" and "Who are the best singers of C-ute?" (Notice that I said "singers" and not "singer", I'm asking you to choose more than 1 member! :P), you guys can choose up to 3 members for each poll, the poll is going to be open til the 29th of this month (Nearly 2 weeks :P), so vote wisely (Don't be biased!!! xD).



Miyabi's solo Sakura->Nyuugakushiki:

(Yes, it is new :P)

LOL, I thought she was gonna sing "Sakura wa Raku Sa" solo, not Sakura Nyuugakushiki (I swear, I read somewhere that, that was what she sung solo), I think this song suits her voice better though than Sakura wa Raku, so it's ok... XD

I prefer her Masayume solo to this though... (I prefer that to all her solos though actually xD) :D


  1. 3 choices? you should have made it 2, everyone's gonna try and get their favorites to win now. xD

    this is easy for me.
    momoko, miyabi, and yurina for berryz.

    airi, maimi, and chisato for c-ute.

    so simple. ;)

  2. ^
    LOL. It can't be helped if some fans want to be biased towards their favs, there's always gonna be fans like that. xD

    Same here!! They're my top too! :)

  3. Oh no, who is my 3rd favourite singer in Berryz? xDD (i voted Risako in 3rd place)...Momo and Miya of course are the top 2

    ºC-ute....Chissa of course (more with the announcement of her 1st solo mini tour :DD) + Airi and Maimi....imo

    Miyabi´s voice <3

  4. @Chissa fan
    LOL. It's gonna be interesting to see who comes in 3rd and 4th for Berryz's poll xD

    Same here... And yeah... I heard about that... Good for Chisa... I hope they put the FULL tracklist on DVD xD

    Hahaha.. Ms. Angelic-voiced Miyabi (jk, jk, jk) xD

  5. you got the poll idea from my blog (so flattered)
    bk: miya of course ,momoko in 2nd,yurina as my third(to be equal to the poll result)
    c-ute: chisato my first fav,maimi ,airi

  6. BK: Miya, Momo, Yurina
    C-ute: Chisa, Airi, Maimi ^o^

  7. ..I can't believe Maimi got the most votes and Nakky got votes o.o

  8. ^
    I'm surprised to see Maimi with the most votes too (I was so sure I was gonna see Airi or Chisato in that position).... xD

    I'm not against Maimi getting the most votes though, because I do think she is one of the better singers from C-ute (I actually think she is the 3rd best singer in C-ute), I do however wonder how Airi and Chisato fans are reacting to this... Lol, I mean, they can't be too happy to see Maimi above Airi and Chisato, right? Chisato & Airi have always been considered to be the top vocals of C-ute (They're the only members from C-ute, that I know of, to have their vocals praised or acknowledged by Tsunku himself), so yeah... I wonder what Airi & Chisa fans are thinking? xD

    I think my poll about Nakky getting more lines attracted a few Nakky fans! xD

  9. ^
    so you have notice maimi's position... i was wondering if you did. =P

    i find it a little bothersome that maimi is above airi. what is with your blog readers? are they all maimi fans, the gap between maimi and airi has gotten bigger xD

  10. ^
    LOL. There is a total of 10 1/2 days left to vote, things could change very easily... so, don't worry about it... And there isn't much of a gap between Maimi and Airi... LOL. xD

    Also, if i do have a few Maimi fans reading this blog, than that's great!! I've always felt that I don't have enough!! xD

  11. Voted NatsuMomo♥CHU and ChisAiri :)

  12. an airi/chisato tie
    myiabi got more votes than momo
    yay to my fav

  13. @Mimi
    LOL. NICE!!! ChisAiri and NatsuMomoCHU <333

    lols... Let's see how long they stay tied xD

  14. haha seems like Airi got more votes now XD

  15. I'm sorry T~T I just couldn't help myself so I voted half biased... Gome T~T
    Momo, Miya(it's true even if I was biased a little bit), Maasa(I was totally biased but I couldn't help it t.t)
    Maimi, Airi(You know it's true), Nakky(You know it's true. At least her voice isn't that annoying as Mai's >_>)

    Also I'm very sorry for asking but could You add my blog to Your blog roll?? I'm very sorry... T~T
    ( ) I'm truly sorry for doing this T~T

  16. @Melisa
    Yeah.. Woah... Airi fans are coming.. XD

    It's ok.. Maasa already had a lot of votes, before you even voted on the poll anyways (first thing I noticed.. Maasa's votes xD), so don't worry.. It's ok (It's hard to choose who the 3rd best singer in Berryz is anyways... That's why there's a big gap between NatsuMomoCHU and the rest.. People don't know who to choose as the 3rd best singer! xD) XD

    I love Nakky's voice, always have... I'm surprised to see you pick Nakky over Chisato.. but I guess it's ok! XD <333

    LOL. Sure!! Don't apologize, it's ok! xD