Thursday, December 30, 2010

The rest of the solos

So, after waiting about 12 hours... I think it's ok, to assume that I can upload the rest of the solos from C-ute's end of the year party (and won't get my account suspended! xD),
Here they are:

Leaders solos go first:

Maimi Yajima - Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba:

I know I already posted this video in my last post, but I felt I should post it again... Just to make sure XD

Maimi Yajima - Aenai nagai Nichiyoubi:


Saki Nakajima - Lucky Aura:

Saki Nakajima - Lalala Sososo:

(I think Nakky's a Mano Erina fan... Lucky Aura and Lalala Sososo are ManoEri songs!! xD)

Saki Nakajima - Akai Freesia:

There was a lot of Nakky in the karaoke part.. She had the most solos... Yay for all the Nakky love!! XD


Mai Hagiwara - Oujisama to yuki no yoru:

(Maimi was originally supposed to sing this, but she gave it to Mai... How sweet of her :D)


Chisato Okai - Romantic Ukare Mode:

Finally a full version of Chisato's Romantic Ukare Mode!! XD
Before we only got these little 20 second moments of her singing it: Click here and here.

And last video:
Chisato Okai & Mai Hagiwara - I NEED YOU:

Lol, Momo must be happy now, Chisato & Mai-chan sung her song....
Momo doesn't have to be jealous of Miyabi anymore... XD
(Lol, for those of you who don't get what I'm saying, ummmm... Well, Momo wrote on her blog recently to Chisato saying that she was sad (jealous) because Chisato only talks about Miyabi now.. XD)


(The video's are all unlisted, so you won't be able to find them by just searching for them on Youtube, you need a link to view it! :P)


  1. no offense to any chisato or mai fans, but those two totally butchered momo's song. =P

    i love all the nakky videos. she doesn't get enough promotion these days.

  2. hahaha I love when Momo gets jealous of Chisa XD <3
    anyway...i love all the solos from USTREAM ^O^
    it was fun watching it :D
    my fav. solo was Chisa from Romantic...... xD

  3. "O.O"
    LOL momo rivaly with myia over chissa

  4. I saw the USTREAM :D (it was so early -_-)

    Are u gonna sub these :)?

  5. MomoChissa is always funny (and talented ^^).....but i wouldn´t care a ChissaMiya xD

    My fav, Chissa´s romantic (obvious for me right? lol).....she gave me that "solo artist" feeling again xD

    I need you was perfect too ^^

    I´ve used your video for my last post....i hope you don´t mind :O

  6. @Cuttie
    LOL. Why so negative?? This is probably their first time ever singing I NEED YOU... give them a break... It's hard to top Momo anyways (she's one of a kind)!! xD

    LOL. Momo is jealous of Miyabi, because Chisato is paying so much attention to her.. (Momo isn't jealous of Chisato xD) XD
    Glad you had fun watching it, and yeah.. Everyone seems to agree with Chisato's solo being the best.

    Lols... The only thing I haven't uploaded from the karaoke setlist (and probably WILL NOT UPLOAD) is Disco Queen (singing done by Saki & Mai of course), and Bokura no Kagayaki (everyone sings)... :P

    Lol, I feel alseep so I couldn't watch it.. :P

    Nope :P

    @Chissa fan
    What?? ChissaMiya?? Momo's gonna get even more jealous!! XD (ChissaMiya is a nice pair... I'm always for MomoChissa though, they're hilarious together! :D)

    Yes, very obvious...
    Lol, Nakky (especially her) & MaiMai kept trying to steal Chisato's shine in Romantic Ukare though.. Haha! xD

    LOL. I'm glad someone thinks so =P

    I don't mind... Thanks for using my video ^^

  7. ^
    okay okay :P

  8. ^
    My fist is jealous of Melisa's foot :P

  9. i heard Aenai nagai for 3 times now and every time i keep hearing (chissa and hagitty itikimasu)

    but maimi did well in it