Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poll Results

I was gonna leave the poll open one more week (because uhhh.. some... interesting fan-boy thinks that I cheated my poll just because Momo won it.... ).... but meh... I decided to close it after-all...

Poll results:
Momoko Tsugunaga: 31 Votes
Miyabi Natsuyaki: 29 Votes
Airi Suzuki: 19 Votes

LOL. Miyabi had the most votes before I let the poll stay open an extra day... Momo gained when I re-opened it though, and won the poll....
Honestly... There's really not much to say about these poll results... I've already seen a blog pic from Airi with all the Buono! members together in their new outfits for their 11th single, and she's center in it (lol, just as I had predicted! xD)... So yeah.. Even though Airi has the least amount of votes in my poll.. She IS the one in the center it seems (based on the blog pic).. XDDD

Blog pic:

Go Airi Suzuki!! xD


  1. aww, I want Miya to be in the center :C
    oh well XD

  2. lately airi been the center so why change it.
    she will be the center of the next single.

  3. @Melisa
    LOL. Yeah, oh well xD

    I am??? YES!!! BEING EVIL IS GOOD!!! XD

    LOL. Ok.. XD

  4. This single will make the draw between Momo and Airi right? (i don´t follow Buono but i´ve listened that Miyabi was center in 3 singles, Momo in 4 and Airi in 3 (4 with this xD))

    Anyways i don´t care who is the center if the song is good xD