Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maimi Yajima - Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba

Ummm... I think I'm gonna leave the 2 polls up for an extra day or 2.. I'm almost near 200 votes.. I kinda wanna break that mark XD

And here's Maimi's FULL (Yes, I did just say full, not a damn 1 minute teaser) version of "Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba", it's from C-ute's End of the year party:

Maimi's version is actually pretty good, you guys!! :)
I mean, if you just CAN'T STAND HER VOICE, than you're mostly likely not gonna like this very much (you probably aren't gonna like anything she sings!! xD), but yeah... her singing is quite stable (take note), and her voice is so soft (Maybe a little too soft at times.. Sometimes it sounds a little weak.. but none-the-less, a job well done for Maimi!! xD).

And lols... Nakky & Chisato have had too much sugar recently, haven't they?? they keep getting in front of the camera (This is Maimi's time... You 2 need to step back!! NO CAMERA WHORING ALLOWED!! *jk jk* XD) xD
(LOL. Look at 2:13-2:17... That's the funniest part of the video for me... Nakky's GENKI DESU KA!! She said it in such a deep funny voice!! XD)

(I'm planning on uploading the other members solos too... I just wanna first test though to see if Up-front removes this video for copyright (Someone uploaded Chisato's FULL version of "Romantic Ukare Mode" about 3 HOURS AGO, and now it's been removed, by Up-front for copyright.. I wanna see if they're gonna do the same with my video (If they do.. than I ain't uploading the other members solos! xD)

*goes off to sleep* XD


  1. It´s unlisted, so maybe they won´t notice it lol

    Maimi did great but i still prefer her aenai nagai nichiyoubi.....she is a great singer!!