Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guardians 4 Singles Ranking

A request from my friend (she asked me to rank their singles), so lol, here goes...
(They only have 4 singles, and have disbanded for those of you who didn't know btw... xD)


LOL. This is actually G4's lowest selling single (LMAO), but it's my favorite, it's always been my fav ever since it was released (An instant win for me).... (This is the only G4 song I listen to these days... :P)... XD

2. Omakase Guardian

Is it weird that I like their lowest selling singles the best??......... XD
They seem so much more catchy to me (Shugo Chara fans must have been on crack or something... PARTY TIME & Omakase are totally the best!! :P) xD

(Admittedly... I don't like the other 2 songs too much.... They're kinda on the same level for me... So, it's gonna be a little hard to choose which one is 3rd... xD)

3. Going on!

Yellow looks better on the G4 members than Blue.. that's why I choose this for 3rd instead of School days! (fail) -SHOT-. XD

4. School Days

The song is OK.. I guess... (I remember not liking it though, when I first heard it xD)

Don't really have much to say about the songs... They all sorta bore me (Excluding PARTY TIME, that song is awesome!! 8D)... xD
What do your G4 single rankings look like, you guys?? I wanna see them! :D


  1. I don´t follow (i didn´t follow xD) this group........even with Nakky xD

    But i like some songs

  2. oh lol xD
    I don't even know the ranking of it XD
    I don't listen their music a lot :C

  3. Sad, cause G4 had like my 4 favorite members, but their music was just okay. =(

  4. This "group" needs to be forgotten ASAP.

  5. Lol, I am a bit sad about the comment =(
    Because, they're my favourite shuffle group after Buono!

    but no problem, because we have different favourite group, rite?XD