Monday, December 6, 2010

Berryz Koubou - Vocal & Personal Taste Ranking

My vocal skills ranking has changed for Berryz recently (and probably will change again really soon XD), no changes for C-ute so far... I've also added a personal taste ranking for Berryz for comparisons (Personal taste ranking is basically like... just what voices you prefer to listen to.. nothing to do with skills or consistency, just taste) :D
Here's my last ranking, for those of you who are curious (It includes C-ute too):

Vocal skills: Berryz Koubou:
1. Momoko Tsugunaga & Miyabi Natsuyaki:: *sighs* I had put Momoko 1st originally (when I first posted this post), but lol... after a while I started to feel bad, because I wanted (and felt) that Miyabi should be at first too, since both of them are great singers in their own ways... So, yeah, now they're both at #1.... Isn't that funny? XD
ng on*
Momoko's vocals:
Well, her singing can be a bit shaky sometimes (the only flaw I really see), but she's very good at controlling her voice, she's got good pitch, good range, and she's very consistent live (Yes, I think everyone knows that, right? XD), but what I wanna direct my attention to is her vocal range, I think Momo may be like one of the most versatile members in H!P right now.... She can go from cute and upbeat to mature and sexy. :D
Miyabi's vocals: Well, she has good pitch, good control, and she's consistent live (basically same as I said with Momo), she doesn't have many weaknesses... Only weaknesses I can think of that she may have are power (she sometimes lacks that and comes off as a bit weak), and emotion, sometimes she's just singing it, and not feeling it (she improved a bit on that recently though ^^)... That's pretty much it... Momo and Miya don't have many weaknesses, so yeah... =P
2. Yurina Kumai: I know a lot of people don't like her voice, and all, but lol, she's a pretty good singer, she's stable in most of the performances I've seen of her (Although.. I must say... Yuri really isn't much of a high singer, she does ok with high notes, but low notes suit her better! :D), she sounds really good in Shining Power (Hahaha, yeah I just had to mention that xD) :)
3. Risako Sugaya: ....What to say about her vocals... Ummm... She has this yelling thing... Whenever she gets to a high note, she can't hit, she yells it out, and she has pitch and control problems (mainly control =P) too......... but with all that being said, Risako really does have an amazing voice (vocal tone, and this is all, imo of course), I wish Tsunku would "properly" train her (I know Tsunku hasn't been training them as well as he should.. That old man is getting lazier and lazier as he ages *joking, joking* xD). Seriously though, I think Risako really does have it in her to be really good (Right now she's just OK, she's decent, but when she gets older I think she could be something really good for H!P vocally).
4. Saki Shimizu: She has pretty decent singing (she's pretty stable live), but her voice, whenever Captain tries to sing higher she sometimes produces this really nasally sound, and this nasally sound happens to be the reason why my friend (who happens to be a fan of Captain) has not been liking her singing lately (the way he talks about her voice now makes it seem like he thinks she can't sing, she can sing though, just her tone sounds nasally.. I guess a little too nasally for his taste.. I kinda dislike nasally voices too sometimes! xD ^^)... Captain does have her moments when she doesn't sound as nasally singing in a higher range though :)
5. Maasa Sudou: Lol, Ummm... What's their to say about Maasa's vocals..... Ummmm.... She has her good moments (ROTFL! xD).... I noticed though that she sometimes has a hard time staying in tune, and she doesn't stretch notes all that well, but still, she has her good moments. XD
6. Chinami Tokunaga: Ah, well.... She has a cute voice (I love her tone! ^^)
She's kinda pitchy and flat though (her tone, even though I love it, actually doesn't help her much.. probably makes this more noticeable and worsier for her in some ways xD)... =P

Personal Taste, Berryz Koubou:
1. Risako Sugaya: I was so sure I was gonna put Miyabi or Momoko here.... Somehow I ended up putting Risa at #1 though... LOL. I guess that diva voice of hers appeals to me more than I thought.. xD
2. Momoko Tsugunaga: Her idol voice (cute voice) and her Buono voice (mature voice), I love them both, and I think I've stated that before though, right? So, no fans should be surprised. xD
3. Miyabi Natsuyaki: I love how Miyabi's voice sounds when she sings ballads... so soft and soothing....
4. Chinami Tokunaga: I like her childish voice... It's cute!! :)
5. Yurina Kumai: I'm pretty neutral about Kumai's voice... I don't dislike it, but I don't love it either (I know there are some fans who hate her voice... I don't hate it though... =P).
6. Saki Shimizu: LOL. I'm not too crazy about nasally voices, I love when Captain sings in her lower range though (It sounds a lot less nasally =P)... She sounds too nasally in her higher range... xD
7. Maasa Sudou: ....Uhhhhh.... Hmmmm.... Yeah..... I'm indifferent about her voice, I guess... xD

If you guys don't agree with how I ranked them for the vocal skills part (which I'm sure some of you don't =P) well than... Go ahead and comment how you think they should be ranked. :D

I changed my mind about the top.... =P


  1. good to finally see momo at the top of your berryz singing ranking, i think she's the best singer too. :)
    risako shouldn't be so high in your list though, she can't sing.

  2. for skills is really difficult to know who is better, least in UFA xD, of course i can make a vocal skill ranking too but i usually consider who has more lines and so on,,...or chances for improve

    For personal taste, me = Momo xD These days i´ve had problems to choose between Miya and Momo....what should i do? xD

    For Risako, i like her sometimes and i don´t like her´s my Risako´s odyssey xD....not hate (you know that lol), my feeling change each Risako´s solo lol

  3. Lol wow this was a big smack in the face to me,. I would NEVER expect these opinions from you XDD. I think people on here or H!O got into your head, or ur just changing is all XDDD change is good though :P

  4. @Cuttie
    Glad to see that someones happy about it... xD
    I've got no comment towards the Risako thing... =P

    @Chissa fan
    LOL.... I usually just go by who sounds closest to the recording... xD

    LOL. Choose who you want to choose (it took me a while to go for Momo... each and every time I thought she was really the best.. somehow Miyabi would throw something at me that starts to make me go back to thinking she's best)... It's a tough battle... but choose who you want to choose. xD

    LOL. I know. xD

    Ehh??? What exactly took you by surprise? Was it Kumai's position, was it Momo being first, and lol, the people at H!O haven't influenced my opinions at all for this (Seriously, they haven't, this just happens to be my opinion... No, lie =P), or the people on here... I'm just changing my ranking is all, no harm in doing so. =P

  5. Cool rankings. Everyone seems to dislike Chinami's voice....